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11 August , 2021  

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has declared insolvent Bank Zemelny Kapital (Land Capital, Dnipro) of former Minister of the Coal Industry Viktor Topolov (94.4% of shares), which as of June 1, 2021 ranked 63rd in terms of total assets (UAH 909.983 million) among 73 banks operating in the country, the press service of the central bank said.
The corresponding decision was approved by NBU decree No. 400-RSh/BT dated August 11, 2021.
“The board of the NBU decided to declare Bank Zemelny Kapital insolvent due to failure to fulfill its obligations to depositors and other creditors because of insufficient funds in the period established by the agreement or determined by the legislation of Ukraine,” the report says.
The NBU noted that the share of the financial institution amounted to 0.04% of the net assets of solvent banks, therefore the classification of the bank as insolvent will not affect the stability of the banking sector of Ukraine, which is stable today.
It is indicated that since the bank on July 1 was classified as a problematic due to the violation of liquidity standards, the financial condition and indicators of the bank deteriorated, the volume of highly liquid assets decreased to a critical level, which led to the emergence of outstanding customer payments.
It is noted that the only owner of the bank, Viktor Topolov, did not provide financial support to the institution, despite Article 58 of the law “on banks and banking activities, which states that the owners of substantial participation in the bank must take timely measures to prevent the occurrence of bank insolvency.
According to the report, 70% of the bank’s depositors will receive deposits in full, since their size does not exceed the amount guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of UAH 200,000, while clients with larger amounts of deposits will receive them within the amount guaranteed by the fund.
The National Bank added that in general, the possible amount of payments of the guaranteed sum to depositors as of July 1, 2021 is UAH 435.8 million, or 92% of the total amount of individuals’ deposits.

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