Business news from Ukraine


8 July , 2018  

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) is technically ready to issue the electronic hryvnia, although the central bank continues studying the expediency of issuing it, head of the financial sector reform department at the NBU Yevhen Stepaniuk has said. “A pilot project on the technical issue of the electronic monetary unit of Ukraine has been launched. From the technical point of view, there is a high level of readiness, but from the point of view of the expediency of issuing and going beyond the pilot’s limits, this issue is still being studied,” he said at a roundtable at the NBU on Thursday.
As reported, at the end of 2016, the NBU launched a research project on the possible introduction of e-hryvnia – the national currency based on blockchain technology.
According to the regulator, e-hryvnia can allow minimizing transaction costs for transferring money from one player in the payment market of Ukraine to another and simultaneously to conduct them with almost instantaneous speed.