Business news from Ukraine


26 September , 2020  

A new airport will be constructed in Zakarpattia in two or three years, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said during his working trip to Zakarpattia region.
“We decided that the today’s issue is to make the airport [Uzhgorod] operate, we plan to restore this airport in any case, so that it is good, modern, viable. As for the geographical location of this airport, we all understand that it is impossible to construct a large aviation hub at this place and to extend the runway. Therefore, I know that we will construct a fundamental international modern airport in Zakarpattia. Where will it be? We have three options,” Zelensky said at a briefing in Zakarpattia region on Friday.
The president said that the money for the construction of the new airport in Zakarpattia is budgeted for 2021.
“We are already putting money into the 2021 budget, so that we have the initial work on the construction of this airport done. I think that we will construct the new airport in about two or three years. Now the most important thing is that people will have the opportunity connect not only within Ukraine, but also travel around the world,” Zelensky said.