Business news from Ukraine


14 July , 2018  

Nine insurance companies led Insurance Top ranking in terms of collection of insurance premiums in Ukraine’s regions in January-March 2018. TAS Insurance Group became leader in ten regions.
According to the ranking, TAS Insurance Group in Volyn region (raised UAH 16.5 million and paid UAH 4.3 million), in Zhytomyr region (UAH 9.3 million and UAH 3.3 million respectively), in Ivano-Frankivsk region (UAH 10.2 million and UAH 4.2 million), in Kirovohrad region (UAH 6 million and UAH 1.5 million), in Luhansk region (UAH 2.1 million and UAH 614,000), in Mykolaiv region (UAH 11.8 million and UAH 3.4 million), in Sumy region (UAH 5.4 million and UAH 2.1 million), in Ternopil region (UAH 20.3 million and UAH 6.2 million), in Khmelnytsky region (UAH 7.6 million and UAH 1.6 million), in Cherkasy region (UAH 10 million and UAH 5 million).
Alliance Insurance Company led in Dnipropetrovsk region (raised UAH 105 million and paid UAH 21 million), Asko-Donbas Pivnichny – in Donetsk region (UAH 12.8 million and UAH 3.8 million respectively), Globus Insurance Company – in Zakarpattia and Chernivtsi regions (UAH 13 million and UAH 6 million; UAH 2.8 million and UAH 886,000), Credo Insurance Company – in Zaporizhia region (UAH 216.4 million and UAH 46 million), AXA Insurance – in Poltava and Kherson regions (raised UAH 15 million and UAH 7.6 million respectively), Oranta – in Chernihiv region (UAH 12 million and UAH 2.8 million), Kniazha Insurance Company – in Vinnytsia region (UAH 15 million and UAH 7 million).
PZU Ukraine raised the largest amounts in premium collection in January-March 2016 in Lviv region (raised UAH 27.2 million and paid UAH 30.6 million), Kharkiv region (UAH 6.8 million and UAH 5.2 million respectively), and Rivne region (UAH 5 million and UAH 2 million).
Arsenal Insurance led in terms of premium collection in Kyiv and Kyiv region (raised UAH 434 million and paid UAH 42 million). It was followed by AXA Insurance with UAH 264 million and Ukrainian Insurance Group with UAH 160 million.