Business news from Ukraine


17 September , 2019  

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has said that the number of counterfeit hryvnia banknotes and their sum in H1 2019 fell by 26% and 20% respectively year-over-year.
As the regulator said on the website, most (99%) of banknotes withdrawn from circulation traditionally had four denominations: UAH 500 (50% counterfeit), UAH 100 (24%), UAH 200 (14%) and UAH 50 (11%), then as counterfeit banknotes with face values from UAH 1 to UAH 20 amounted to only 1%.
“Most often, the detected counterfeit banknotes came true through the cash desks of fast food, retail outlets and gas stations,” the regulator said.
The National Bank said that 93% of the seized counterfeit banknotes were made using inkjet printers, 6% by laser printers and using color copiers, 1% of counterfeit banknotes was made by printing.
The NBU said that in August, there was an increase in the withdrawal from circulation of counterfeit banknotes with a face value of UAH 500 printed in 2006, counterfeited using inkjet printing with imitation of ultraviolet protection. “There was the seizure of about 60 banknotes that were sold at the box office gas stations in different regions of the country (Kyiv city and region, Zakarpattia, Volyn, and Zhytomyr regions),” the National Bank said.

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