Business news from Ukraine


26 November , 2021  

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking about “red lines” for business representatives, believes that they should not influence people’s votes, participate in elections and finance strikes. “You don’t need to influence people’s opinions because you have something. For example, you have control over a large number of people because of the presence of a large number of enterprises. You cannot tell them to vote for this or that person and pay or delay wages in connection with this. Another story: as a businessman, in principle, you should not take part in elections… Further: you have no right to finance strikes. You have no right to ‘pester’ the population, distribute money. It’s hard for the country,” Zelensky said at a marathon press conference on Friday, answering the question of which “red lines” business representatives should not cross.According to Zelensky, business representatives also have no right to bribe MPs.“Well, how can you buy people? It’s slavery,” he said.He also added that people need to see the real situation with who this or that businessman is.“If there is no influence it is cool. We have so rich people. Well, give jobs, develop. The state is very interested, because today it is very difficult to find international investments in the state, but there is domestic investment. We need to reinvest,” the president added.