Business news from Ukraine


25 January , 2020  

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky believes that economic and geopolitical relations between Ukraine and the United States are at a good level, and they need to be improved without getting involved in internal political processes. “For me, good relations with the United States, which were different at different times, were important. I believe that the elections [in the United States] is a purely political issue, and certainly not the issue of Ukraine, but of the United States. Their president, their people, choose whom you want, we will support your choice,” he said in an interview with Israeli Channel 9.
Zelensky noted that when “some kind of story” began to develop after his telephone conversation with U.S. President Donald Trump in September, he did everything possible to prevent Ukraine from being drawn into this political issue.
“Because only economic and geopolitical relations are important between the countries that respect each other, regardless of nationality, religion, breadth, importance, availability of nuclear weapons. And I believe that in these two areas, economics and geopolitics, everything is good in our relations with the United States. This “everything is normal” needs to be improved, but certainly not worsened,” he stressed.

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