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23 January , 2022  

The Office of the President is planning a large-scale reboot of the Ukrainian Financial Housing Company (UkrFinZhytlo), Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Rostyslav Shurma has said.
“Our goal is to make an accessible and understandable mortgage product with an effective cost of about 5% per annum in hryvnia in three to four months… As for instruments, we are planning a large-scale restart of UkrFinZhytlo as one of the main drivers of mortgage lending,” he said during the 2022 – Time to Lend forum on Friday.
According to Shurma, UkrFinZhytlo should work both directly and in partnership with banks.
Oleksiy Kireev will head UkrFinZhytlo, Shurma added.
“We plan to launch a whole block of programs to support different sectors of the economy in different priority areas in 2022,” the deputy head of the President’s Office said.
As reported, on December 24, the Ministry of Finance terminated the powers of the head and members of UkrFinZhytlo, Viktor Katrenych, Liudmyla Shemelynets and Natalia Marchenko. On January 14, the duties of the head of the board were assigned to the director of the legal department, Dmytro Verbytsky.

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