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21 April , 2021  

Egg production falls by 13.7%, meat by 6.2% in Jan-March – statistics
Sales of meat for slaughter (in live weight) in Ukraine in January-March 2021 decreased 6.2% compared to January-March 2020, to 799,600 tonnes, milk production fell by 4.9%, to 1.75 million tonnes, eggs – by 13.7%, to 3.24 billion pieces, the State Statistics Service has reported. According to the authority, as of April 1, the poultry stock in Ukraine declined compared to April 1, 2020 by 4.9%, to 190.7 million heads, cattle by 6.4% – to 3.13 million heads (including the number of cows that decreased 5.7%, to 1.67 million heads), sheep and goats fell by 5.2%, to 1.32 million heads, and the number of pigs increased 3.7%, to 5.99 million heads.
According to the State Statistics Service, the sale of poultry for slaughter by agricultural enterprises in the first quarter of this year did not change compared to the first quarter of 2020 and amounted to 158 million heads, the sale of pigs grew by 7.0%, to 1.21 million heads, cattle decreased 19.3%, to 76,500 heads, sheep decreased 29.1%, to 11,100 heads. During the same period, agricultural enterprises sold 21.3% fewer eggs – 1.86 billion pieces.
The State Statistics Service said that the production of eggs in January-March 2021 significantly decreased compared to January-March 2020 in Ivano-Frankivsk region, to 60.3 million pieces (a fall of 49.5%), Mykolaiv to 30.8 million pieces (a fall of 47.1%) and Kharkiv to 100.2 million pieces (a fall of 40.3%), but increased significantly in Cherkasy region to 193.6 million pieces (a rise of 29%)
According to the authority, milk production for the first quarter of 2021 decreased most of all in Rivne region – to 59,400 tonnes (a fall of 14.7%), Odessa region to 45,100 tonnes (a fall of 11.7%), Mykolaiv region to 43,300 tonnes (a fall of 11.4%), but increased in Ternopil region to 75,200 tonnes (a rise of 6.8%) and Khmelnytsky region to 131,100 tonnes (a rise of 3.9%).

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