Business news from Ukraine


28 March , 2020  

The sowing campaign amid quarantine started quite well in all regions of Ukraine, the pace is approximately the same as in 2019, with a slight advance due to early spring, Director General of UkrAgroConsult consulting agency Serhiy Feofilov has said.
“The import component in sowing resource is still very high. Nevertheless, the main material and technical resources were imported into Ukraine and purchased by farms before the quarantine and the devaluation. The negative impact on cost of production is still minimal,” the agency said on UkrAgroConsult’s website, citing Feofilov.
Feofilov said that it is a positive point in the fact that corn seeds are mainly produced at Ukrainian seed plants, only parental forms are imported. The expansion of spring grain will be precisely due to corn. The situation with plant protection is almost the same, namely all needed is imported, except that the line of products will decrease against expectations, the top manager said.
“The situation is contradictory in terms of fuel. Fuel supply is sufficient and the main intrigue is the price level. On the one hand, we can expect it to decline after the oil falls. On the other hand, fuel sellers tend to price stabilization, given hryvnia devaluation and a possible reduction in supplies,” the director general of UkrAgroConsult said.

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