Business news from Ukraine


9 July , 2020  

State-controlled PrivatBank in January-May continued to top the list of the most profitable Ukrainian banks, declaring UAH 19.62 billion of net profit, while state-owned Ukreximbank recorded the largest loss, as a month earlier, of UAH 1.59 billion.According to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), Oschadbank (UAH 3.56 billion) ranked second in the list of the most profitable banks, Raiffeisen Bank Aval (UAH 1.7 billion) ranked third. FUIB is in the fourth position (UAH 1.13 billion), and Citibank (UAH 759.66 million) is fifth.
According to the central bank, in January-May 2020, Bank Credit Dnipro ranked second (UAH 245.89 million) in terms of losses, Prominvestbank (PIB, UAH 126 million) ranked third, Pravex-Bank (UAH 63.72 million) ranked fourth and BTA Bank (UAH 39.38 million) was fifth.
In general, in the five months of 2020, the net profit of banks increased by 23.6%, to UAH 28.96 billion from the corresponding figure a year earlier (UAH 23.43 billion).
Some 59 of 75 banks operating in Ukraine were profitable during this period, according to NBU data.
According to the statistics of the National Bank, in terms of total assets, PrivatBank (UAH 590.59 billion) ranked first for the indicated period, Oschadbank (UAH 310.78 billion) ranked second, Ukreximbank (UAH 220.71 billion) ranked third, Ukrgasbank (UAH 156.43 billion) ranked fourth, while Raiffeisen Bank Aval (UAH 100.9 billion) ranked fifth.

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