Business news from Ukraine


9 January , 2019  

National Energy Company Ukrenergo in 2018 sold property for the amount of UAH 170 million at open auctions in the ProZorro e-procurement system. “Everything that was written off and accumulated in electric power systems for years, from car tires and used transformer oil to large-sized scrap metal, equipment and old cars, is put up for sale,” the company said.

The received funds in the amount of UAH 113 million in 2018 were sent, in particular, to the reconstruction of the 330 kV Kremenchuk substation, the installation of a group of single-phase transformers at the 400 kV Mukachevo substation and the reconstruction of a number of 330 kV transmission lines with the replacement of a ground wire.

In addition, Ukrenergo held 2,400 tenders in the ProZorro system with the expected cost of purchases of more than UAH 4 billion. According to the company’s calculations, the savings on the concluded contracts compared to the expected price amounted to almost UAH 200 million.

As Director of Supply Chain Management at Ukrenergo Maryna Bezrukova said, the company has developed its own methodology for predicting the cost of goods, labor and services based on the price reference book. “In European companies, the indicator of effective procurement planning ranges from 5% to 15% of savings. Ukrenergo has already reached this level,” Bezrukova said.

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