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Today, from 18:00 to 22:00, Ukrenergo will introduce power supply restrictions for industrial consumers in all regions

Controlled power supply restrictions for industrial consumers (power limitation schedules) will be applied from 18:00 to 22:00 on Wednesday, the press service of NPC Ukrenergo reports.

According to the press service, consumption restrictions for business and industrial enterprises will be evenly distributed in all regions of Ukraine.

At the same time, the power supply to critical infrastructure facilities and defense companies will not be limited.

“The need to limit energy supply is a consequence of Russian massive missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian power plants. Due to the deteriorating weather conditions in Ukraine, electricity consumption has increased significantly. The power system remains short of capacity,” explained NPC.

“We ask all consumers to consume electricity sparingly. And industry and business to use electricity imports and alternative power sources as much as possible,” the company added.

State-owned Ukrenergo has announced competition for vacant position of member of Management Board

NPC Ukrenergo has announced a competition for the vacant position of a member of the Management Board, documents for which can be submitted by 18:00 on April 8, 2024.

According to the announcement on the company’s website, the main requirements are: higher education; at least five years of strategic and managerial leadership experience in international development, business development, operations and/or program management in large companies.

The candidate must also have a deep understanding of the national and European electricity markets, trends and prospects of the industry, and the specifics of the ENTSO-E transmission system operators.

In addition, a potential Board member should have competence in at least one of the following areas: business strategy and development, regulatory issues, legal support, finance and audit.

In case of equally developed skills, preference will be given to a candidate with experience at the executive level in the transmission system operators of ENTSO-E members.

As reported, the Board of Ukrenergo consists of Volodymyr Kudrytskyi (Chairman), Oleksii Brekht (Operation and Development of Grids), Serhii Halahan (IT) and Oleh Skrypnyk (Finance).

At the end of January 2024, Maryna Bezrukova, a former member of the NPC’s Management Board, became the head of the Defense Procurement Agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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“Ukrenergo announces tender for equipment insurance

National Energy Company Ukrenergo on 11 January announced a tender for the purchase of insurance services for equipment during its transportation.

According to the message in the system of electronic public procurement Prozorro, the expected cost is 430 thousand UAH.

Documents are accepted until January 20.

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NEC Ukrenergo resumes operation of high-voltage power transmission line supplying Zaporizhzhya NPP

NEC Ukrenergo has resumed operation of a high-voltage power transmission line necessary to supply power to the needs of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant (NPP).

“At present, the plant has already switched from a backup to a normal power supply scheme,” the NEC said on Facebook on Saturday.

Ukrenergo recalled that ZNPP lost contact with the power grid overnight during another Russian attack. Two lines were damaged – 750 and 330 kV, which transmit electricity to meet the plant’s own needs.

Ukrenergo dispatchers were able to put ZNPP’s main 750 kV main power supply line back into operation. At present, the plant receives the electricity necessary for its safe operation from the unified energy system of Ukraine.

At the same time, power supply to consumers in Zaporizhzhya and Dnipropetrovsk region has not stopped, reserve lines have been activated to meet their needs.

“Ukrenergo repair crews will start restoring damaged high-voltage lines as soon as the security situation permits. Thanks to the PVO for the flawless work, without which the damage in the power system could have been much larger,” – summarized in the NEC.

As reported, at 02:31 during the air alarm was de-energized line “Zaporizhzhya NPP – Dniprovska”. Due to the complete blackout ZNPP switched to supply its needs from diesel generators. The greatest safety threat in such a state exists at Unit 4.

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Ukrenergo starts court cases against its debtors worth about UAH 50 bln

Ukrainian courts are considering 443 cases on claims filed by NPC Ukrenergo against its debtors for a total principal debt of about UAH 50 billion, the company’s website reported on Friday.

At the same time, Ukrenergo called on the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission to reconsider its decisions prohibiting the application of penalties to debtors and entities that postpone payments for the company’s services.

“The Commission’s decisions deprived the company of key tools for working with debtors. In particular, the NEURC Resolution No. 332 of February 25, 2022 (clause 16) prohibits “the accrual and collection of penalties provided for by contracts concluded in accordance with the law on the electricity market between participants in this market,” NPC said.

According to the company, by its decisions, the NEURC actually allowed the debtors not to pay Ukrenergo for the services provided, primarily for transmission and dispatching, depriving them of the “punishment” for late payment and accumulation of debts.

They also noted that in July 2022, Ukrenergo officially asked the NEURC to check companies that systematically fail to pay for electricity transmission services, but as a result, it has not been able to receive payments in full from the largest debtors for more than a year.

“The reason is that the Commission ordered to postpone payment for electricity transmission services for them. In 2023, by its decision, NEURC extended the possibility of postponing payments to Ukrenergo to large debtors,” explained NPC.

As reported, two days earlier, NEURC stated that the solution to the issue of debts in the electricity market is not to set a new tariff for transmission services, as Ukrenergo insists, but to establish effective economic activity, in particular, the company’s claim work with debtors for the payment of transmission tariffs, dispatch control and services in the balancing market, whose debts amounted to UAH 48.8 billion at the end of September.

For its part, Ukrenergo said that “realizing the sensitivity of the issue of electricity cost for Ukrainian business, it has prepared and sent to the NEURC three options for changing the company’s tariffs for transmission and dispatching services.”

“To cover its debts in the electricity market, Ukrenergo attracted loans from state and international banks and issued green bonds worth UAH 45.79 billion.

As of the end of October, the company’s receivables amounted to approximately UAH 60 billion, while its payables amounted to UAH 50 billion.


Searches underway at Ukrenergo’s headquarters

Investigative actions are underway at the headquarters of NPC Ukrenergo on Wednesday, the company’s press service reports.

According to the press service, the searches are being conducted by the Prosecutor General’s Office on the basis of a ruling of the Pechersk District Court of August 30, 2023.

“Ukrenergo facilitates investigative actions and voluntarily provides representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office with all the documents specified in the ruling. It should be noted that the company would have voluntarily provided the investigators with all the necessary documents without conducting a search. However, no such request was received from law enforcement officers,” the NPC said in a statement.

Ukrenergo clarified that from the list of documents of interest to law enforcement officers, some contracts were subject to an audit by the State Audit Service, which completed the audit of the company in March this year.

“Ukrenergo is challenging the results of the SASU audit in court, as it considers them biased and unprofessional, and some of them directly contradict the law. It is unfortunate that energy companies, like defense companies during the war, are forced to fight against the biased conclusions of the SASU. This is not conducive to effective preparation for the heating season, nor to increasing the country’s defense capability,” the company summarized.