Business news from Ukraine


1 January , 2020  

Naftogaz Ukrainy Group in January-September 2019 increased its consolidated net profit by 27.4% (UAH 4.578 billion) compared to the same period in 2018, to UAH 21.309 billion. “Pretax profit in the nine months of 2019 amounted to UAH 28.9 billion, which is 26% more than for the same period last year. This result occurred mainly due to the performance of the Natural Gas Transit and Integrated Gas Business segments,” the report says.
According to the statements posted on the company’s website, its sales revenue in January-September 2019 decreased by 3.7% (by UAH 6.36 billion), to UAH 165.308 billion, while gross profit increased by 10.6% (by UAH 5.164 billion), to UAH 53.848 billion.
In terms of geography of sales revenues, the largest share fell to domestic revenues with UAH 106.748 billion against UAH 113.236 billion in January-September 2018, the Russian Federation (UAH 55.977 billion and UAH 55.931 billion), Europe (UAH 2.31 billion and UAH 2.109 billion), and Egypt (UAH 273 million and UAH 392 million).
Naftogaz Ukrainy unites the largest oil and gas producing enterprises of the country. The group is a monopolist in transit and storage of natural gas in underground gas storage facilities, as well as in the transportation of oil by pipeline through the country.