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International European University cooperates with the Anadolu International Medical Center (Turkey).

Anadolu is a contemporary multi-discipline clinic located in Istanbul. It treats a wide range of diseases using cutting-edge medical technologies and a professional team of specialists educated in Europe and the USA.
Center’s special feature is its affiliation with a globally renowned research medical center called Johns Hopkins Medicine in the USA.

It allows Anadolu to work with the high US standards and be on a level with world’s leading medical institutions.

International European University is an official representative of Anadolu Medical Center.

Therefore, citizens of Ukraine can obtain a free consultation of the best doctors of the medical center. Besides, patients receive assistance in organizing the trip, full support during arrival, treatment and after coming back home.

It is implemented as follows: Patients should contact the international department of the university and provide documents (medical conclusion, analyses, etc.). University staff members send the documents to the clinic and receive the plan of actions.

If patients are fine with the details, our employees give the case to a supervisor of the medical center in Turkey and assist in trip organization if necessary.

Anadolu Medical Center has its own International department consisting of 65 workers, which is responsible for patient care from abroad. They help foreign patients to understand the diagnosis, organize the trip and undergo treatment at the clinic in Turkey, as well as keep in touch with doctors after coming back home.

Besides, students, interns and doctors have a unique opportunity to undertake an internship at one of the world’s best clinics – Anadolu Medical Center!

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