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Referring to the decisions of the UN Security Council, international and regional organizations that have recognized the legitimacy of the Presidential Council and the government formed by it (i.e. Government of National Accord) as the only legitimate representative of the executive power in the State of Libya.
Haftar’s declaration of war and the offensive of his troops on the capital city Tripoli is a coup against legitimacy and political consensus.
In the frame of current events, the Government of National Accord emphasizes the following:
– The immediate need to stop the bloodshed in Tripoli and to insist on the return of the aggressor forces to where they came from;
– Attacking the capital by missiles and warplanes, and the recruitment of young people born in 2002-2003, are violation of all international laws and norms of international and humanitarian law;
– The destruction of infrastructure and the bombing of Mitiga International Airport in the heart of Tripoli, at peak hours, terrorizing passengers, all constitutes a clear violation and a crime that is punishable under international law, and are actions prohibited by all international norms.
– The Government of National Accord will submit to the local and international courts all perpetrators and those involved in the actions that caused the death of people and the destruction of public and private properties.
The Government of National Accord calls on the UN Security Council and the international community to urgently intervene by assuming their historical responsibility in order to stop this aggression and deter the perpetrators. At the same time, it stresses that the path of peace is the only way to solve the Libyan crisis through the national gathering that is proposed by the UN special envoy to Libya, to build a democratic civil state and reject the military state.
Finally, the Government of National Accord asserts that this conflict is not a regional or ideological conflict, and that will never be drawn into that. And renews its call for all Libyans throughout the country to give priority to the interests of the country, to unite and work together to overcome the current crisis in Libya.

Embassy of the State of Libya in Ukraine

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