Business news from Ukraine


The Turkish manufacturer of drones Baykar is developing an investment project to build a research center for advanced technologies in aerospace engineering and a production center for drone assembly in Ukraine, Deputy Director General for Investments Natalya Ozden has said.
“Baykar intends to invest in Ukraine, and is currently developing a corresponding investment project,” she said during the International Defense Investment Forum in Kyiv.
According to her, the project provides for 100% investment by Baykar in the creation of a new research and development center, the creation of production facilities and drone assembly, as well as maintenance and repair shops with accompanying services.
At the same time, according to Ozden, there is a need for discussion about the incentives existing in Ukraine to support investors, in particular, those provided for by the laws on supporting projects with significant investments (the law on investment nannies) and on industrial parks.
“Investors want to come to Ukraine, and there are laws on supporting projects with significant investments, on industrial parks. But they do not work yet, we expect mechanisms for their implementation, and if we compare these projects, we see that the law on industrial parks provides more advantages than the law on investment projects,” she said.
She recalled that the law on investment nannies provides up to 30% of assistance from the state, but stressed that a foreign investor, when choosing a country for investment, compares several countries and opportunities, and chooses the most appropriate incentives for him.
Baykar was founded more than 30 years ago, and during this time has gone from a manufacturer of car parts to the world’s leading manufacturer of drones with 1,600 employees.

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