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Biopharma, a blood products maker, intends by the end of 2018 to open two plasma centers in Kharkiv and one in Dnipro, it is also planned to build a center in Cherkasy, President of Biopharma Kostiantyn Yefymenko has told Interfax-Ukraine. “Now we are engaged in the construction of two plasma centers in Kharkiv. We have already rented premises with an area of 700 square meters and plan to rent another facility with an area of 1,500 square meters. We are also planning to build one more center in Dnipro, where we have already rented premises (733 sq m) and Cherkasy. In time, we will build in other regional centers,” he said.
Yefymenko said that at present conceptual projects, construction projects have been approved for plasma centers in Kharkiv and the Dnipro, permissions have been obtained and dismantling work commenced.
“We plan to launch our first center in Kharkiv in autumn, in Dnipro in December,” he noted.
Biopharma, which currently collects about 4 tonnes of blood plasma per month, expects that the opening of new plasma centers in the first quarter of 2019 will increase the amount of plasma collection to 20 tonnes a month. Biopharma is one of the ten largest Ukrainian producers of medicines. It produces more than 20 immunobiological preparations from donor blood, preparations obtained by recombinant DNA technology and probiotics.

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Biopharma pharmaceutical company in 2017 won tenders under five medicine procurement programs funded by 2016 and 2017 national budgets held by international institutions, the company has told Interfax-Ukraine.
These are medicines to treat patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases, Anti-D Immunoglobulin to prevent ABO hemolytic disease of the newborn and medicines to treat patients with cancer and patients with disseminated sclerosis.
International institutions bought medicines under the cardio-vascular and cerebro-vascular disease programs using budget funds from the company.
Biopharma supplied around 48,000 packages of medicines via central procurement schemes.
Biopharma President Kostiantyn Yefymenko said, commenting on international procurement, that Biopharma’s request to review the results of a tender to procure blood factor held in 2017 using 2016 budget funds by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which Italy’s Kedrion won, was dismissed.
He said that it is impossible to challenge the results of these tenders, as international organizations procure using closed-door procedures and use immunity under the international law.
“I would say that we won a tender to supply thromboplastinogen using the 2017 local budget held by the Kyiv City Administration,” he said.
As reported, in May 2017, Biopharma announced that the company intended to seek a review of the decision on the results of a tender for the purchase of blood from the UNDP, the winner of which was recognized the Italian pharmaceutical company Kedrion, whose offer was 30% ($600,000) more expensive than that of the national manufacturer.
Commenting on the initiative to create the national procurement agency, Yefymenko expressed hope that a transparent system of own tenders to procure medicines that would create a system of incentives for national manufacturers would be created.
“Our pharmaceutical companies manufacture quite a wide range of products that are rather competitive in the global market and can cover most of our domestic market needs,” he said.
Biopharma is among the ten largest Ukrainian drug manufactures. Biopharma produces immunobiological preparations of blood, as well as drugs obtained by recombinant DNA technology and probiotics.


The first section of a future fractionation unit has arrived at the plant in Bila Tserkva. Eastern Europe’s unique water treatment systems are being unloaded in Bila Tserkva at this moment.
“The fractionation unit was fully assembled and tested at a production facility of a design bureau in Italy, and now its parts are delivered to Ukraine piece by piece. A team of the engineers who developed a bioreactor system will arrive in Bila Tserkva soon, and the equipment will be installed and commissioned under their supervision,” President of Biopharma Kostiantyn Yefimenko said.
Currently, the company’s plant has completed the supply and testing of engineering communications: electricity, water, wastewater neutralizers, air cooling, fire protection systems, and more.
The launch of the production facility is scheduled for the end of 2018.
Biopharma is among the ten largest Ukrainian manufacturers of medical products.
It produces more than 20 immunobiological drugs from donor blood.