Business news from Ukraine


The volume of commercial products of Kyivsky cardboard paper mill (Obukhiv, Kyiv region), the leader in the pulp and paper industry in sales, increased by 30.1% in January-September 2021 compared to the same period in 2020, to UAH 5.421 billion.
According to the statistics of the Ukrpapir association provided to Interfax-Ukraine, the plant has slightly accelerated the production growth rate in monetary terms compared to the same period last year (in the first half of the year it was 22%, over eight months – 29.3%).
In quantity terms, in particular, the plant increased output of corrugated packaging by 4.7% over this period, to 183 million square meters, keeping the second position in production of these products after Rubizhne cardboard and packaging mill (together with Trypilsky packing plant).
Output of base paper for sanitary and hygienic products increased slightly (by 0.3%), to 64,300 tonnes, and production of toilet paper in rolls decreased by 6.8%, to 312.2 million pieces.
The highest growth rate in January-September was again shown by production of cardboard, however, the growth rate slowed down a bit – to 13.5%, 174,100 tonnes were produced. In particular, boxboard was produced 34% more – 67,500 tonnes, and container (including paper for corrugation) – 3.4% more, 106,500 tonnes.
According to the association, in general, enterprises in the industry have increased output of corrugated packaging by 7.3%, to 554.34 million square meters, paper and cardboard by 12%, to almost 670,000 tonnes. Production of toilet paper in rolls decreased by 3%, to 518.34 million pieces.



Kyivsky cardboard paper mill (Obukhiv, Kyiv region), a leader in Ukraine’s pulp and paper industry in terms of production and sales, produced goods worth UAH 2.149 billion in January-May 2018, which was 18.4% up year-over-year. Thus, production in the first five months of 2018 somewhat slowed compared to the same period last year (production growth in January-April was 26.7% and in January-March 30%), the UkrPapir association said.
Corrugated packaging output grew by 11.2%, to 93.5 million square meters, which was the second highest result among producers of corrugated packaging in Ukraine after Rubizhne cardboard packaging mill in Luhansk region (with Trypilsky packaging plant).
Production of cardboard increased by 15.7%, to 85,400 tonnes. Production of package cardboard alone grew by 31%, to 58,900 tonnes, while box cardboard output fell by 8.2%, to almost 26,550 tonnes. However, production of base paper (for sanitary products) stood at 31,500 tonnes, which was the same as a year ago. Toilet paper output grew by 7%, to 174.9 million rolls. Corrugated packaging output in total in Ukraine (including other producers) grew by 8.4% January through May 2018, to 416.94 million square meters, that of paper and cardboard increased by 12.5%, to 395,650 tonnes.
Kyivsky cardboard paper mill is one of the largest cardboard and paper producers in Europe. It employs almost 2,200 people. It sells produce to almost 700 companies in Ukraine, some CIS member states and the rest of the world. In 2017, the mill saw a 14.8% rise in production from 2016, to UAH 4.85 billion.