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The average receipt amount of foreign patients in Ukrainian clinics in 2019 increased from $2,000-2,500 to almost $2,800, Vice President of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism (UAMT) Ihor Torsky has said. “According to our annual research, this indicator is growing. In 2019, the average check of one foreign medical tourist was about $2,800. It is possible that in 2020 this figure will be even higher,” he said at a press conference devoted to the Global Medical Tourism Forum Healthcare Travel Forum 2020, which will be held in Kyiv city and Lviv region April 22-25, 2020.
At the same time, Torsky said that the development of high-tech medical technologies and innovative treatment methods contributed to the increase in the average check of foreign patients.
At the same time, according to him, the increase in the average check was also influenced by the pricing policy of the clinics.
“This is an increase in prices. We do not always agree and discuss the feasibility of such an increase with clinics. I want to advise the representatives of the clinics to be careful with the pricing policy, since we are in a highly competitive world of medical tourism,” he said.
At the same time, Torsky said that the average check of foreign patients in Ukrainian clinics differs by region.
“In Kyiv, the average check is about $3,240, in Lviv this amount is lower, because the structure of the provision of services differs from region to region,” he said.
According to him, in the country’s clinics reproductive medicine and cell technology are the most developed. “These industries are high-tech. They require fairly accurate laboratory equipment and highly qualified specialists. Ukraine in these two areas is one of the world’s leaders,” he said.