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Metinvest, the largest Ukrainian mining and metallurgical holding, in January-March this year reduced the production of total iron ore concentrate (IRC) by 21% compared to the same period last year and by 20% quarter-on-quarter to 6.128 million tons.
According to a press release from parent company Metinvest B.V. on operating results for the first quarter of 2022, the decrease in concentrate output was due to the start of full-scale hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, which, in turn, led to logistical restrictions against the backdrop of blocking Black Sea ports, as well as a sharp decrease in intragroup consumption by Mariupol plants.
According to the results of January-March of the current year, the group reduced the production of marketable iron ore products by 16% compared to the same period last year – to 4.067 million tons, which corresponded to the output in the previous quarter.
During this period, Metinvest reduced the production of pellets by 35% compared to the same period last year, to 1.281 million tons, mainly due to a sharp decrease in intra-group consumption, optimization of the portfolio of orders at the Northern Mining and Processing Plant. However, compared to the previous quarter, their output increased by 34% due to a scheduled overhaul of the roasting machine at the Central Mining and Processing Plant in the 4th quarter of 2021.
Salable concentrate production decreased by 10% to 2.786 million tons, mainly due to lower production at Inguletsky GOK.
In the first quarter of 2022, the total production of coking coal concentrate decreased by 14% to 1.276 million tons as a result of a decrease in production by the Pokrovskaya Coal Group due to a decrease in the number of personnel and disruption of supply chains after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine. By the first quarter of 2021, growth was 29% due to the consolidation of the Pokrovskaya Coal Group.
The production of coal concentrate at the mines of the United Coal Company (USA) in Q1-2022 decreased by 85 thousand tons compared to Q1-2021 due to the deterioration of geological conditions.
As reported, according to the results of 2021, Metinvest increased the total production of iron ore concentrate (IRO) by 3% compared to the previous year – up to 31.341 million tons, pellets by 18% – up to 5.811 million tons and the total production of coking coal concentrate – by 92 %, up to 5.542 million tons.
Metinvest is a vertically integrated mining group of companies that manages assets in every link of the production chain from iron ore and coal mining and coke production to the production of semi-finished products and finished products from steel, pipes and coils, as well as the production of other high value-added products. The group consists of mining and metallurgical enterprises located in Ukraine, Europe and the USA, has a sales network covering all key global markets.

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State-owned enterprise (SOE) Skhidny (Eastern) Mining and Processing Plant (Dnipropetrovsk region) in January-September 2019 cut production of uranium concentrate by 14.9% year-over-year, to 684.8 tonnes, according to information on the unified government portal of open data.
According to the enterprise, 72.6 tonnes of uranium concentrate were produced in January, 93.7 tonnes in February, 84.3 tonnes in March, 72.9 tonnes in April, 52.2 tonnes in May, and 80 tonnes in June, in July – 72.2 tonnes, in August – 84 tonnes, and in September – 72.9 tonnes.
As reported, Skhidny Mining in 2018 increased the production of uranium concentrate 41.1% compared to 2017, to 1,179.5 tonnes.
Skhidny Mining is the only uranium ore mining and processing enterprise in Ukraine and the largest in Europe. The annual needs of Ukrainian nuclear power plants for uranium concentrate are about 2,400 tonnes, while its production by Skhidny Mining is about 1,000 tonnes.

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Large ferroalloy enterprises of Ukraine – Nikopol and Zaporizhia Ferroalloy plants – in 2018 totally increased production by 0.8% compared with 2017, to 1.035 million tonnes.
The Ukrainian Association of Ferroalloy Manufacturers told Interfax-Ukraine that over the period silicon-manganese production grew by 6%, to 859,640 tonnes, while ferromanganese output fell by 30.6%, to 79,480 tonnes.
In addition, production of ferrosilicon (45% concentrate) fell by 18.8%, to 75,440 tonnes, and manganese metal – by 2.4%, to 7,460 tonnes.
Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant also produced 13,150 tonnes of other ferroalloys, while in 2017 it was 1,410 tonnes (a 9.3-fold rise).
The country’s two manganese concentrate producers, the Pokrovsky (formerly Ordzhonikidze) and Marhanets mining and beneficiation plants, produced 1.522 million tonnes of manganese concentrate in 2018, which is 6.8% more than in2017.
Marhanets mining and beneficiation plant produced 570,440 tonnes of concentrate (a rise of 4.6%) and Pokrovsky mining and beneficiation plant made 951,460 tonnes (a rise of 8.2%). In addition, the latter produced 196,600 tonnes of manganese sinter(21.3% up year-over-year).

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