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Ukrainian business continues providing its support in fighting the coronavirus disease COVID-19 pandemic, sending money to crisis response teams or buying artificial lungs ventilators, other equipment and protective equipment for medical workers.
In particular, the RDS group of companies, involved in the construction and operation of roads belonged to Yuriy Shumakher and Yevhen Konovalov, bought the Oricare V8600 artificial lung ventilation machine (the United States) for the city of Odesa, and also provides financial assistance to local authorities for the purchase of protective equipment (masks, disinfectants) in the seven regions where it operates.
Makar Paseniuk and Kostiantyn Stetsenko’s ICU investment group purchased COVID-19 tests and intensive care equipment for Kyiv designated hospitals. In particular, for the Oleksandrivska City Clinical Hospital, which receives the main flow of patients with possible COVID-19 disease, the ICU acquired 200 additional polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. The investment group provided the city hospital No. 4, one of the three designated hospitals in Kyiv, with almost 5,000 units of intensive care supplies: virus-bacterial filters, breathing circuits, endotracheal tubes, oxygen masks and drainage bags, and the Kyiv perinatal center received three all-in-one intensive care monitors.
The Regional Gas Company (RGC) of Dmytro Firtash purchased medical equipment, components for it, protective equipment, as well as materials and medicines for the amount of UAH 10 million and plans to send another tranche of assistance. In particular, RGC was able to purchase an artificial lung ventilator and monitors for existing ventilators, 2,000 express tests, 30,000 masks and FFP2respirators, 5,000 special glasses, about 5,000 gowns and special overalls and about 3,000 biosecurity kits, as well as disinfection solutions, medicines and fuel for ambulances.
The P&O Maritime Ukraine towing company transferred UAH 6.8 million to the Odesa crisis response team, and TIS-Grain sent UAH 3 million.

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Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) allocates UAH 15 million to purchase 19 artificial lung ventilators and personal protective means in Vinnytsia region.
MHP said on its Facebook page that a representative of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration and the agricultural holding developed an operational plan to counter coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
“A commission has been created, the headquarters will begin work in the coming days,” the company said.
According to MHP, a shared strategy for COVID-19 prevention has already been developed. MHP purchases 19 artificial lung ventilators with a patient’s monitor and an oxygen concentrator for all hospitals in Vinnytsia region, where there are departments of infectious disease.
In addition, the purchase of personal protective equipment will be provided for Ladyzhyn city hospital, Tulchyn and Trostianets regional hospitals.
“MHP will also assist in the search and acquisition of all necessary personal protective equipment and medical devices, by involving its own specialists from the logistics department,” the company said.
MHP is the largest producer of poultry in Ukraine. It is also engaged in production of grains, sunflower oil and meat.

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The European Investment Bank (EIB) plans to provide Ukraine with a loan of EUR40 million to fight coronavirus, the press service of the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine reports.
“Last week, Ukrainian Minister for Communities and Territories Development Oleksiy Chernyshov held an online meeting with the European Investment Bank. The parties discussed raising a loan of EUR40 million for a quick response and necessary measures to overcome the coronavirus in Ukraine,” the report says.
This loan will be provided within the framework of the ongoing Ukraine Municipal Infrastructure Program opened in 2014.
“On March 23, the ministry received an action plan from the EIB to provide the agreed loan. Now the parties are agreeing on the details and terms of cooperation,” according to the report.
It is noted that EIB representatives said they supported the strategy of the Ukrainian government and confirmed that for the whole world, and for Ukraine, it is also currently extremely important to use enough modern medical equipment to combat COVID-19.

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Legalization of drug delivery by certified postal operators amid quarantine will reduce the spread of the disease, according to the Manufacturers of Medications of Ukraine Association.
“This issue becomes especially relevant in the situation when it is necessary to limit unnecessary contacts as much as possible, because a pharmacy becomes one of the places of active contacts. This is especially important for elderly people who urgently need medicines and form the basis of the risk group,” head of the association Petro Bahriy said.
He noted that “the de facto delivery of medicines purchased online exists, but is illegal.”
“Such a service needs to be legalized so that people who need medicines can be quarantined,” he said.
According to the expert, the legitimization of such a delivery will guarantee the quality, origin of drugs and compliance with the mandatory logistic requirements, while involving all certified operators in the delivery will allow delivering drugs quickly and on time.
Director General of InterChem pharmaceutical company (Odesa) Anatoliy Reder, in turn, noted that attracting all the postal operators of Ukraine to the delivery of medicines will enable the widest possible delivery with a significant limitation of contacts and the spread of coronavirus.
According to him, this option will allow people living in remote and rural areas to “get their medicines at the right time and with the guaranteed quality.”
Reder believes that the possibility of delivery will not have a significant impact on the price of drugs.

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Businessman Rinat Akhmetov will send UAH 300 million to fight the COVID-19 coronavirus, combining all the resources of the charity foundation, DTEK and Metinvest, FC Shakhtar and all the assets of his financial and industrial holding SCM to help Ukraine, according to the foundation.
“Coronavirus is a disaster that the modern world has encountered on such a scale, probably for the first time. I’m absolutely sure that in this situation everyone should think how exactly he can help Ukraine and Ukrainians,” Akhmetov said.
Under the decision of the founder, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation will purchase another 300,000 rapid tests for coronavirus for the whole of Ukraine, which will be transferred to the Stabilization Fund, initiated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, in the shortest possible time. In addition, at least 200 respiratory medical devices and other equipment will be purchased.
“In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, we will do everything possible to prevent an epidemic of coronavirus in the cities of our presence and throughout the country. Only by combining our efforts in the face of danger we can make Ukraine cope with all the challenges that it faces,” the businessman said.
The foundation recalled that earlier, according to Akhmetov’s decision, equipment for the effective treatment of coronavirus complications had already been purchased and handed over to the Ministry of Health: high-quality Servo-I Universal and Servo Air respiratory medical devices of Swedish manufacture and other equipment.

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A test system for diagnosing Covid-19, developed in the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, is being prepared for release, the press service for the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences said.
“The developed test system is being prepared for release in the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences,” the academy press service said on Thursday.
According to the press service for the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, scientists from the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics started working on domestic test systems in January 2020 on the orders of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council following reports on an epidemic of the new coronavirus in the Hubei province of the People’s Republic of China.
“In that time, the institute has designed and synthesized four nucleic primers that meet the most specific sequences in the virus genome. Preparations have been made for tests of the lab version of the original test system for diagnosing the coronavirus 2019-nCoV, which is not under patent protection of foreign test systems,” the press service said.
Besides, the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences has developed and put into operation some drugs, including those with antiviral effect, for use in medical practice.