Business news from Ukraine


OKKO Group in coming months will start supplying electricity to Ukrainian consumers, the company’s press service has reported. OKKO Contract received the respective license on March 23.
“We continue developing towards an integrated energy service company, in which clients will be able to acquire all the required energy from one source – petroleum products, natural gas and electricity,”, Head of the sales department for new OKKO products Volodymyr Ostaschuk said. The holding said that, in addition to electricity supplies, they are also going to be engaged in its electricity generation from renewable sources.
“By the end of 2018, solar panels and generating equipment with a total capacity of 200 kW will be installed on the roof and facade of the central office of the holding in Lviv,” OKKO said.
Galnaftogaz Concern manages one of the largest fuel station networks in Ukraine. It includes about 440 fuel filling stations, the majority under the OKKO brand. The majority shareholder of the company is Vitaliy Antonov, among the minority shareholders is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.



The National Commission on Securities and the Stock Market has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) on the development of commodity markets for energy products and financial instruments markets, on which energy products are the basic asset.
According to a press release of the commission, the parties will cooperate in developing new securities and bankruptcy legislation that will provide the netting of commodity derivatives and the effective protection of netting in operations with such products such as natural gas, electricity and the like.
“Now energy companies and producers operating in the Ukrainian market do not benefit from liquidation netting when implementing agreements and must make prepayment for the supply of gas when dealing with counterparties with the EU. This situation does not contribute to the creation of a highly liquid energy market in Ukraine similar to the markets of the EU countries. Therefore there is the need to improve the domestic legislative framework and implement relevant EU directives,” the press release noted.
According to the commission, the norms on the introduction of liquidation net settlement of derivatives are already contained in draft law No. 7055 on capital markets and regulated markets.
EFET unites European energy traders working in wholesale electricity and natural gas markets. The federation was founded in 1999 in response to the liberalization of European electricity and gas markets.

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