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About one million passengers used the services of the Kyiv Boryspil Express train from Kyiv to Boryspil International Airport (Kyiv) over the year, the press service of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia (Kyiv) has reported, with reference to head of the company Yevhen Kravtsov.
“I’m sure no one will argue now that the express train to Boryspil airport is needed. During its first year of operation, it made about 10,000 trips and transported almost one million passengers. And this is the indisputable evidence of success of this project,” Kravtsov said.
The report notes that a record number of passengers was transported in August and September 2019 with 98,200 and 107,600 people respectively. The most popular trains are No. 842 Kyiv-Boryspil at 17:50 and No. 845 Boryspil-Kyiv at 19:17.
According to the head of Ukrzaliznytsia, the company plans to further develop this project. Currently, the reconstruction of the Vydubychi station is nearing completion, where a stop platform for the express train will be built.
“Vydubychi station will turn into a transport hub that will combine bus transportation, railways, subway and air transport. In addition, a diesel train manufactured by Kriukov Car Building Works is expected for this route. And this is an additional 170 seats,” he said.
Over a day, express trains carry out 57 trips and carry 2,500 passengers.

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JSC Ukrzaliznytsia plans to reconstruct a railway stations located in Vydubychi and integrate the new platform for the railway express train running from the Kyiv Pasazhyrsky station through Darnytsia to Boryspil International Airport.
“The Kyiv Boryspil Express stop on Vydubychi will appear this year after the reconstruction of the railway station,” acting Board Chairman of Ukrzaliznytsia Yevhen Kravtsov said on the company’s website.
The company has set itself the task of creating a single logistic space by integrating the Vydubychi railway station with the subway and bus station, for which it is planned to build a new high platform for stopping the Kyiv Boryspil Express train, equip crossings, reconstruct two existing platforms and build a shed over them.
“Pre-design works are underway and three options for the reconstruction of this transport hub are being considered, where various types of transport will be integrated. The optimal one will be chosen in the near future,” Kravtsov said.
He also said that all reconstruction options imply high standards of security and modern elements of logistics, including for people with limited mobility.

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JSC Ukrzaliznytsia will send the round-the-clock express train on the Kyiv-Passazhyrsky-Darnytsia-Boryspil-Airport route to make its first trip. “The regular train trips are to start at 13:00,” the company’s press service reported. Four rail buses produced by Polish Pesa Bydgoszcz SA with a capacity of up to 120 passengers and with a baggage zone, upgraded by Ukrzaliznytsia, will run on the route. Tickets costing UAH 80 can be purchased by cash at two cash desks at the Central and South Railway Stations, by noncash at four self-service terminals installed in the concourse over the fourteenth track. Also, passengers can pay for travel directly in the trains using a technology similar to the Kyiv subway.
The cost of the project, according to the press service, amounted to UAH 480 million.
“In the course of the implementation of the project, about 4 km of track was added to the existing railway infrastructure, a 272 meter long overpass was built over the M03 Kyiv-Kharkiv highway. Two passenger platforms with pavilions near the airport and an indoor pedestrian crossing from the platforms to Terminal D of the Boryspil airport were built, Ukrzaliznytsia said on its website.
Under the project two waiting rooms with air conditioning, TV, sockets, Wi-Fi and a children’s area were also built. Passengers can enter the indicated zones is open if they have a ticket for the express train. As reported, on November 29, Ukrzaliznytsia announced the timetable of the express train to the Boryspil International Airport with 30 trips in each direction.
Ukrzaliznytsia plans to transport about 3.8 million passengers along the route Kyiv-Boryspil International Airport in 2019 and is negotiating the electrification of the section of the route from Kyiv to the Boryspil International Airport.

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PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia in November 2018 will launch an express train to the Boryspil international airport (Kyiv region).
“In February was the project, in May – the start of works, and in October – a test launch of the train. In November it will be the launch of the express train,” Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said on his Twitter account on Thursday.
The prime minister said that the cost of the project was about UAH 580 million, recalling that the estimated cost of the “infamous Air Express” in 2010 amounted to UAH 3.2 billion.
Groysman also pointed out the convenience of creating a covered gallery between the airport terminal and express platform.
As reported, Transportation on the Kyiv city-the Boryspil international airport route could reach 3.8 million passengers in 2019, according to Ukrzaliznytsia. The company expects that with a ticket price of UAH 80 the payback period for the project will near 10 years. Ukrzaliznytsia does not deny the scenario of increasing the cost of travel, depending on the demand for the service, as well as the factors that negatively affect its production cost for the company.
The estimated travel time will be 35-40 minutes.

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