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…President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky says that the government understands all the risks, but believes that there is too much information in the information space regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
“I believe that at present there is too much information in the information space regarding a deep, full-scale war on the part of the Russian Federation. They even name the appropriate dates,” he said in Kherson region on Saturday.
“We understand all the risks, we understand that these risks exist,” he added.
Zelensky expressed his conviction that Ukraine should rely primarily on itself. “Count on your military and your citizens,” he said.
“And if you or anyone else has any additional information regarding a 100 percent invasion, give us this information,” the president said, addressing reporters.
Answering a journalist’s question about whether he believes in the possibility of a Russian invasion, the president notes that the dissemination of information about a possible invasion by the Russian Federation provokes panic in Ukrainian society, which plays into the hands of the enemy.
“It may happen any day, as I said earlier. From the very beginning, we did not believe in it, from the very beginning of the war in the east of our country in 2014. That is why I have to analyze all the information that we have. We have a lot of information, because we are on these borders, these are our borders, this is our territory. I have to address our people as president and tell people the truth, and the truth is that we have different information. And now the best friend for enemies is panic in our country. And all this information only provokes panic and does not help us,” Zelensky said.
Zelensky watched special exercises of the Interior Ministry units on the border with the temporarily occupied Crimea on Saturday in Kherson region.

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