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The National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMRC) has added seven more cases to the list of unreliable investment projects and recommends that investors take this information into account in their activities.
As stated in the message of the regulator on Monday, we are talking about AmberFX, BB TEAM PRO, ConcordInvest, Safe Invest, FBS, Barclay Stone LTD and Enterprise London Limited.
“We urge citizens to be prudent and carefully assess the risks before investing their funds,” the Commission said.
The full list of projects now includes 123 items.


The debut International Defense Investment Forum, dedicated to the search for new directions in the development of Ukraine’s defense industry, which featured about 20 investment projects, was held in Kyiv at the Sikorsky Challenge (National Technical University of Ukraine “Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”) on Thursday.
“The authorities have an understanding of the existing problems and the need to take all measures aimed at improving the current investment climate in the country,” Deputy Prime Minister for Strategic Industries Oleh Urusky said, opening the forum.
He said that the recently adopted laws On Defense Procurement should remove excessive secrecy in the defense industry and ensure transparency of procurement and On the peculiarities of reforming the state-owned defense industry should facilitate the attraction of investment and private business in the sector, according to which on the basis of Ukroboronprom two holding companies will be created.
Urusky also said that the Ministry for Strategic Industries of Ukraine has developed a Strategy for the Development of Ukraine’s Defense Industry until 2030. According to him, given the nature of modern wars and conflicts, the main directions in the development and production of domestic weapons and military equipment were: automated control systems; rocket and space technology; high-precision means of destruction, ammunition and products of special chemistry; means of electronic warfare; unmanned platforms and shock robotics; “soldier of the future” equipment.
During the forum, which was attended by a delegation from the UAE led by the Mariam bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Almheiri, about 20 investment projects were presented in three areas: high-precision weapons and ammunition; robotic equipment: air, ground and marine components; automation of control and communication system.
In particular, “Shock unmanned aerial vehicle complex with barrage ammunition ST-35 Thunder (LLC NPP Athlon Avia), Organization of lines for the production of large caliber cartridges 12.7×99; 12.7×108; 14,5х114 for small arms (LLC Stiletto Ukraine) and Unmanned robotic platforms Scorpion 2 and Dwarf scout (LLC Infocom).
Among other projects – “Universal robotic remote-controlled combat module/Project ACHILLES” (LLC Diamond Defense Systems), Light BPAK battlefield Yatagan-2 with a swarm function (LLC First Contact).

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Six dubious investment projects were identified by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission as part of the monitoring of scam projects, the press service of the regulator has said.
The list includes NPBFX, Gerchik & Co, Want. Broker, GoldenStanley, Kiexo and TrustMacquarieCapital.
At the time of publication there were 70 scam projects in the list of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission.
The Commission recalled that scam projects include investments in the quasi-market Forex and projects that offer investment services, but aim only at illegal seizure of investors’ funds.

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz discussed the issues of vaccination, European integration of Ukraine, as well as joint investment projects.
“Discussed the Ukrainian-Austrian cooperation with Sebastian Kurz by phone, in particular joint investment projects. Informed him about the security situation in Donbas. Exchanged views on the course of vaccination and support for Ukraine’s European integration aspirations,” Zelensky wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.
According to the head of the Ukrainian state, he invited Kurz to visit Ukraine.



An investment project for the construction of a soda ash plant in the suburbs of Kramatorsk (Donetsk region) involves investments in the amount of $575 million, head of the Donetsk regional state administration Pavlo Kyrylenko said.
“We are ready to offer, with ready-made conceptual design solutions, a project for the construction of a plant for the production of soda ash […] earlier there were plants in Sloviansk and Lysychansk (Luhansk region), but the capacities have been lost, and another such plant is in Krasnoperekopsk in Crimea,” Kyrylenko said at the forum “UkraineInvest Talks: Dnipro” on Thursday, May 27.
According to him, this plant will solve the problem of import substitution and will allow talking about export.
According to the presentation of the investment project, the construction of a plant with a capacity of 600,000 tonnes per year is designed for three years, it is planned to create about 2,000 jobs there. The area of ​​the land plot is 50 hectares in the village of Raihorodok, stocks of raw materials will provide for 100 years of work. It is assumed that the implementation of the project will allow the supply of soda ash for export and will provide an inflow of foreign currency to Ukraine in the amount of at least EUR 75 million.
The head of the region also presented a project idea for the production of paper from chalk, a model of which was developed by the regional state administration. According to the presentation of the project, its cost is $10 million, the capacity is 9,000 tonnes of paper per year, the implementation period is ten months with the creation of 100 jobs.
According to the authors of the project, chalk paper can be 10-15% cheaper than traditional types of paper, it can decompose completely under the influence of sunlight within 6-18 months. The project is assessed as promising for a dry and ecologically loaded region with forest plantations and numerous chalk deposits.
Kyrylenko said that these projects are well developed and realistic.

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The Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine and PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih (Dnipropetrovsk region) signed a memorandum for the implementation of new investment projects: the company plans to invest about $1 billion in new projects for environmental modernization and production development.
According to a press release from the ministry, the memorandum was signed on Wednesday by Minister Ihor Petrashko and ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih CEO Mauro Longobardo.
The Steel Billion, a new investment program of ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, will focus on environmental impact reduction, company sustainable development and introduction of circular economy principles: efficient use of resources, recycling and waste utilization.
“ArcelorMittal is a large investor, exporter and employer. Today we agreed that the company would significantly increase investments in Ukraine, and introduce advanced, environmentally friendly technologies in steel making, which is one of our strategic economy sectors. We expect that investment activity in our country will recover gradually after the crisis of 2020, and cooperation with the global largest steel producer will become an incentive for investors to contribute to Ukraine,” Petrashko said
Longobardo said that during 15 years of operation in Ukraine, the company has invested over $5 billion in production development, and now offers the new program Steel Billion, according to which about $1 billion will be invested into environmental modernization.
“We continue to implement large investment projects and are gradually transforming ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih into a modern European production. Steel Billion is our new program for Ukraine. By this program, we will finance green steel-making technologies and de-carbonization projects. This fully complies with ArcelorMittal Group’s strategy to become carbon-neutral. Actually, steel already has a lower carbon footprint compared to other materials: no other material has the same recovery and reuse capacities. The initiatives to be confirmed under the Memorandum today are a step forward in Ukraine’s industry. We count on cooperation and comprehensive support of the government on this way,” Longobardo said.
On April 14, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal met with ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih Board Chairman Lakshmi Mittal. The meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine Oleh Urusky, Petrashko and representatives of ministries.
The head of the Ukrainian government welcomed the signing of a memorandum between the Ministry of Economy and the enterprise to support investment projects for the period 2022-2032. Shmyhal said that the signing of the memorandum was made possible thanks to the law initiated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on state support for projects with significant investments.
“Together with the President and Parliament, we launched effective tools that enhance the investment attractiveness of Ukraine. Today’s memorandum is one of the first successful examples when the large international company plans to use the appropriate tools and increase investments and the number of jobs in Ukraine,” Shmyhal said.
The head of government added that according to the memorandum, a significant part of the investments will relate to projects that reduce the negative impact on the environment. At the same time, the Prime Minister thanked the company’s management for socially important initiatives, the development of medicine and the support of the communities where the enterprise is located.
“The government calls on socially responsible business to join state initiatives in Ukraine, when investors become not only business partners of the state and communities, but also actively participate in the development of the region where they work. The government, for its part, is ready to comprehensively contribute to the further development of mutually beneficial relations and will continue work to improve the investment climate,” the Prime Minister said.
The Memorandum provides for the following areas of development and investment: green metallurgy, which contributes to less pollution and reduced carbon footprint; sustainable development of iron ore mining – continuation of mining activities for 30 years; creation of new industries, in particular rolling and bar mills; modernization of existing facilities; circular economy and waste management (utilization of biomass, streamlining of CO2 emissions, processing of slags and sludge).

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