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Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) since 2010 has implemented 243 municipal and private energy efficiency projects in Ukraine, and the total investment has reached EUR 226 million.
According to NEFCO Managing Director Trond Moe, in particular, 179 projects worth EUR 119 million were implemented in the municipal sector and 58 projects worth EUR 89 million in the private sector. In addition, six more projects were implemented with financial institutions for a total of EUR 18 million.
Moe said at a meeting with reporters on Thursday in Kyiv that the largest NEFCO office after its head office in Helsinki is located in the Ukrainian capital.
Ukraine is now the most important country for NEFCO. But in general, the corporation worked on projects in 80 countries, completing more than 1,300 projects. Last year, NEFCO implemented 124 new projects, most of them in Ukraine, he said.
All these projects, according to Moe, contribute to Ukraine achieving an increase in the share of renewable energy of integrated consumption, while reducing CO2 emissions.
By providing financing and sharing risks, NEFCO makes it possible for Northern European companies to invest in Ukraine and at the same time support Ukraine in the transition to clean and sustainable energy, the NEFCO managing director said.
The company plans to continue close cooperation with Ukraine regarding the implementation of energy efficiency projects and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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T.B.Fruit group of companies, one of the largest fruit and berry processors in Ukraine, has launched a pectin plant in Horodok (Lviv region) with investments of EUR25 million, founder of T.B.Fruit Group Taras Barschovsky has said.
“We’ve started production of pectin. The new plant that we had been building two years has been launched. The production capacity is 3,000 tonnes of apple pectin per year,” he wrote on his Facebook page.
According to him, 40,000-45,000 tonnes of citrus and apple pectin are produced in the world today.
“This ‘club’ of manufacturers consists of only seven companies. Among them are CP Kelco, Cargill, DuPont, H&Fox … And only two of them produce apple pectin. T.B.Fruit became the third producer of apple pectin in the world,” Barschovsky said.
According to him, investments in the plant are estimated at EUR25 million.
T.B.Fruit is a vertically integrated international group of companies with a closed production cycle (growing raw materials-processing-transportation).

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Novus Ukraine LLC (Kyiv), the managing company of the Novus hypermarket and supermarket chain and Novus Express proximity stores chain in Ukraine, on September 21 officially opened the largest supermarket of the chain in the Sky Mall.
“We entered this facility at the beginning of summer, that is, construction took about three and a half months. Investments totaled UAH 161 million. This is the largest outlet in the network, which contains the largest production facilities, the widest range of shelves and the largest online shop that will service two large areas – Troyeschyna and Obolon,” Director General of Novus Ukraine LLC Mark Petkevich said at a press conference on the grand opening of the store on Saturday.
The store became the 28th Novus store in Kyiv and the 36th in Kyiv region. The supermarket’s range of goods includes 50,000 items of goods, including 5,000 items of own import. The total area of the facility is 12,000 square meters, of which 6,300 were used for retail space. The remaining areas are reserved for storage, production facilities, an online store, administrative premises, recreation areas for staff.
As Petkevich said, products from the Novus store are delivered through a partner – The launch is expected a week after all processes are established in the new store.
“This is the fourth Internet point, after the opening of the fifth point next year in the Varshavsky microdistrict, we will be able to serve the entire Kyiv city and the region,” the company’s director general said.
Novus Ukraine LLC was established in 2008, in the same year the first Novus supermarket in the country was opened. The development of the Novus supermarket chain is carried out by BT Invest (Lithuania).

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Ascania group of companies, a diversified Ukrainian holding, in 2018-2019 invested UAH 17 million in the launch of production of cider and non-alcoholic beverages in PET bottles at the Kvass Beverages plant (Zaporizhia).
“This year we’ve presented a large number of new products in the Ukrainian market. For the first time, we bottled cider in PET under the GardenZ brand, produced the Yarylko Karamelny kvass for children, launched the Yarylo Bily Imbyrny (Yarylo White Ginger) brand. In August 2018, we started producing lemonade in PET at the Kvass Beverages plant. Investments in the enterprise to launch output of cider and new products in PET accounted for a total of about UAH 17 million,” Inna Syrchenko, the head of the marketing department at Ascania FMCG, told Interfax-Ukraine.
According to her, the products of the plant are represented in the stores ATB, Silpo, Novus, Billa and other retail outlets.
Ascania group of companies unites 12 companies. Their activities include import, production and distribution of food, honey processing and exports, logistics services, electricity supply, production of small arms, security services and training for the security personnel of private and state structures, agriculture (growing roses).

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Astarta agricultural holding in July 2019 started accepting grain at Semenivsky elevator (Poltava region) with a capacity of 120,000 tonnes and investments of $19.2 million, the press service of the holding has said. According to the report, this elevator is the largest one in Astarta’s structure. It is designed to accept grain from the agricultural holding’s farms and from partners.
The construction of the elevator lasted nine months, it can ship over 54 wagons of grain per day. According to the company, Astarta has seven grain elevators in Poltava, Vinnytsia and Khmelnytsky regions with a total capacity of 550,000 tonnes of grain. As reported, in March 2019 Astarta bought an elevator in Khmelnytsky region for EUR4.6 million.
Astarta after three years of profitable work in 2018 received a net loss of EUR21.11 million. Its revenue decreased by 18.8%, to EUR372.22 million, EBITDA by 2.1 times, to EUR56.87 million.

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The Epicenter K Group, developing the agricultural business since 2016, has invested UAH 6 billion in agriculture and plans to invest UAH 2.5 billion more in silos, the co-owner of the company Halyna Hereha said at the Forum of Innovative Production Facilities Development held in Bila Tserkva on Thursday.
“We have invested UAH 6 billion in the agricultural sector, and we need another UAH 2.5 billion to complete the silo project. These are not only our funds, but also loans. Last year, we started building three silos and reconstructing six. Therefore, now a big investment is unrealistic,” she told Interfax-Ukraine.
According to Hereha, the company also intends to develop the dairy business. “We have animal husbandry of 20 dairy farms, but the volumes are small. In the future we plan to develop the business. There is a question of processing milk. We have not invested in animal husbandry yet, but we are discussing this,” she said.
Hereha also said that Epicenter also postponed the oilseeds processing project due to the unfavorable situation on the oilseeds market. “At present, the oil industry is declining, as producers cannot agree among themselves and simply dump the market. Therefore, we have stopped the processing process in the oil industry, but in the future we will do something interesting,” she said.
Hereha added that Epicenter is actively introducing new technologies, in particular, updating equipment and investing in the laboratory and precision farming. “In addition, we have a woodworking plant in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Now it makes a lot of products, a large percentage of them is exported, and some of them are for sale in the Epicenter [network],” she said.

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