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In January-June 2019, the transport and forwarding company Lemtrans transported 24.85 million tonnes of various types of freight, which is 3.94% down on the same period of 2018.
In the six months of 2019, coal and iron ore accounted for the bulk of loading, totalling 10.44 million tonnes (9.93 million tonnes in January-June 2018) and 8.15 million tonnes (8.68 million tonnes in January-June 2018), respectively, the company’s press service said.
Volumes of transportation of ferrous metals in the first half amounted to 3.83 million tonnes (3.62 million tonnes in January-June 2018), shipments of fluxing materials totaled 1.12 million tonnes (1.60 million tonnes in January-June 2018), and those of coke 0.99 million tonnes (1.54 million tonnes in January-June 2018).
The company notes that the observed decline is due primarily to an increase in the turn-around of railway cars and a fall in the average speed of trains (Lemtrans’s turn-around period in the first half of 2018 was 7.8 days, it grew to 8.9 days in the first six months of 2019, which is an increase by 1.1 days, or 14%).
“The surplus of the railway car fleet, associated with excessive purchases of cars by market participants in 2018-2019, which were related to problems with railway equipment, is coupled with the lack of locomotives. In general, the approach to solving problems should be comprehensive. And the first step is the adoption of a new law on railway transport,” the press service quoted Lemtrans CEO Volodymyr Mezentsev as saying.
The SCM Group owns 100% of Lemtrans’s charter capital.

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The total volume of transportation by rail by Lemtrans in 2018 reached 52.12 million tonnes of different types of cargo, which is 0.43% more than in 2017.
The press service of the company reported that coal and iron ore were the major cargo transported by the company last year.
“The largest growth in the year was in transportation of coal. In particular, the volume of its transportation amounted to 21.24 million tonnes, for iron ore it was 16.13 million tonnes. By the end of 2017, the transportation of these types of cargo amounted to 19.35 million tonnes and 19, 30 million tonnes, respectively,” the company said.
In addition, in 2018, the volume of loading of ferrous metals increased by 21.7%, to 7.45 million tonnes (6.12 million tonnes in 2017) and of coke by 2.43%, to 3.02 million tonnes (2.95 million tonnes). Transportation volumes of fluxes amounted to 3.30 million tonnes (3.50 million tonnes).
During the year, the volume of planned repair of freight wagons of the company at production sites amounted to 6,453 units.
Lemtrans is the largest private operator of railway rolling stock in Ukraine. Its core business is organization of transportation by own rolling stock, rendering transport and forwarding services, information support for cargo movement, as well as rolling stock repairs.
Lemtrans fully belongs to SCM Group of businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

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