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A loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the amount of EUR 100 million will be directed to overhaul of 183 km of roads in Luhansk region, the State Agency for Highways of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) reported.
Funds are provided for capital and current average repairs of the sections:
– route N-26 Chuhuiv – Milove: it covers more than a hundred kilometers, which are planned to be repaired for borrowed funds, because this road connects Luhansk and Kharkiv regions;
– the road P-66 checkpoint “Demyno-Oleksandrivka” – Svatove – Lysychansk – Luhansk, which starts from the border with Russia, a 35 km section has already been repaired, the road is planned to be fully restored;
– road T-13-02 checkpoint “Taniushivka” – Starobilsk – Bakhmut, where work will begin at once on two sections, with a total length of 42 km.
“In 2020, Ukravtodor completed a record amount of road work in Luhansk region: almost 200 km were restored at the beginning of December, and work continues for another 100 km. For comparison, over the past 10 years, only 130 km of roads were renewed. This is one of the most low indicators in the country,” said head of Ukravtodor Oleksandr Kubrakov.
According to him, in 2021, thanks to the funds of international partners, Ukravtodor will restore the transport “triangle” along the Severodonetsk-Starobilsk-Svatove route with access to Troyitske in the north of the region, and in general, thanks to the Big Construction program, a modern road network in the region.
Earlier, the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development has already provided co-financing for this project in the amount of $65 million.

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The RDS group of road construction companies as part of the tender of the Automobile Road Service in Luhansk Region won by the group with the approved cost of UAH 816.99 million will repair 32 km of the road on the section from the city of Schastia to Novoaidar on the N-21 highway, which connects Severodonetsk and Stanytsia Luhanska.
“In the city of Novoaidar, we have built a production base. Investment has already reached some $3 million. There will be an Amomatic-LMK VS 240S asphalt concrete plant with a capacity of 240 tonnes per hour. From here we will supply all inert materials and asphalt to the site,” the co-owner of the group, Yevhen Konovalov, told Interfax-Ukraine.
According to information in the ProZorro system, the expected purchase price was UAH 832.5 million, the competitors of RDS, which was represented by Rostdorbud LLC in this tender, were Avtomahystral-Pivden LLC and Onur Construction International LLC. The contract with the winner was signed this week.
Konovalov said that the company will have to carry out the following work: shaping of old asphalt and concrete surface, laying a 15 cm roadbed consisting of a mixture of the material obtained from the shaping of the old surface and the new stone sand mixture, prepared by mixing with cement and bitumen emulsion, adding two layers of asphalt and concrete of 10 cm and 5 cm and repair of exits, stops and road marking.
“The implementation of this project will create 450 new jobs in this sensitive region. Geodetic survey work is already underway at the site. Inert materials are being delivered to the production facilities and the installation of a mixer plant and the asphalt concrete plant is underway. Some 121,370 tonnes of asphalt and 137,000 tonnes of the mixture need to be produced and laid in three months,” the co-owner of RDS said.
According to the data in ProZorro, the contract cost is dynamic. The main work (UAH 788.8 million) is expected to be done this year. The term for the provision of services is until the end of 2021.
The village of Stanytsia Luhanska is the only checkpoint between Ukraine and government uncontrolled areas in Luhansk region. From 10,000 to 13,000 people daily crossed it before quarantine. This road also unites different regions of Luhansk region and it is of key economic importance.
The Ukrainian group of companies RDS, which is among top three largest road construction companies in Ukraine, includes Kyivshliakhbud and Rostdorstroy. Its core business is construction, modernization and maintenance of roads and bridges, construction of airfield complexes.
The company is building concrete road H-14 Kropyvnytsky-Mykolaiv. As part of the reconstruction of the H-31 Dnipro-Reshetylivka highway in Poltava region, RDS is building an overpass over the railway and the section of the first concrete road in Ukraine. In 2019, the company won a World Bank tender for work on the first category highway M-03 Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhansky.
As of April 2020, the company operates in eight regions of Ukraine and has ten production facilities.
The ultimate beneficial owners of RDS are Ukrainian citizens Yuriy Shumakher and Yevhen Konovalov.

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Rubizhne cardboard packaging mill in Luhansk region, one of Ukraine’s largest cardboard packaging producers, produced 81.05 million square meters of corrugated cardboard boxes in January-April 2019, including goods from its Trypilsky packaging plant, which is 2.6% up year-over-year.
The UkrPapir association said that the mills decreased production of components of corrugated cardboard (cardboard and fluting) by 22.3%, to 76,000 tonnes.
The total commodity amount produced by both plants in the period in monetary terms fell by 12.8%, to UAH 1.565 billion.
According to UkrPapir association, cardboard packaging production in Ukraine in January-March 2019 fell by 3.6% and amounted to 319.8 million square meters.
The Rubizhne cardboard packaging mill has worked on the packaging market since 1991, and specializes in the production of components for corrugated cardboard (cardboard and fluting) and corrugated cardboard boxes.
Its most important customers are large confectioneries, juice and tobacco producers.
The Rubizhne cardboard packaging mill acquired Trypilsky packaging plant in 2002 and subsequently began producing corrugated cardboard and corrugated packaging.

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