Business news from Ukraine


As of May 28, Ukrainian farmers planted 14.9 million hectares of spring crops, which is 96% of the forecast (15.5 million hectares), Minister of Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture Taras Vysotsky wrote on his Facebook page last week.
According to him, over the past week, the area with crops in the regions expanded by 275,000 hectares.
Thus, the areas with the main crops as of May 28 were the following: sunflower – 5.99 million ha; corn – 5.33 million ha; barley – 1.52 million ha; soybeans – 1.34 million ha, peas – 282,710 ha, sugar beets – 209,010 ha; spring wheat – 184,530 ha; peas – 282,710 ha; oats – 186,350 ha, buckwheat – 55,230 ha.
As reported, the sown area of major crops in 2020 will increase by 600,000 hectares compared with 2019 and will amount to 15.5 million hectares. In the structure of crops of the spring group, it is predicted that the proportion of corn and sunflower will increase, and that of barley, soy and sugar beets will decrease.
The Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture predicted that farmers will harvest 65-68 million tonnes of grain crops in 2020, compared to 75 million tonnes in 2019.

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