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The Nova Poshta Group in January-May 2019 opened over 700 new depots, including 573 in small localities, Nova Poshta Director Oleksandr Bulba said at a briefing at Dunapack Ukraine plant (Oleshky, Kherson region) on Tuesday.
The number of depots of the company increased to 3,400.
In January-May, the company delivered over 81 million parcels, which is 23% more than during the same period last year. At the same time, 67 million parcels were delivered in depot-depot mode. At the same time, door-to-door delivery for this period also increased by 34%.
In addition, in five months, Nova Poshta delivered more than 1 million parcels from abroad. Shipping from the United States and Europe grew by 27%.
“We plan to develop international delivery further,” Bulba said.
According to the press release of the company spread at the briefing, the foreign representative offices of Nova Poshta in Georgia and Moldova are also actively developing: in Moldova, the number of shipments in January-May doubled compared with the same period last year, and in Georgia it grew by 30%.
The average NPS (Net Promoter Score) in Ukraine at the end of May was 78%.
In the first five months of 2019, the Nova Poshta Group transferred more than UAH 1.75 billion of taxes and duties to the budget of Ukraine.



The Nova Poshta Group (Kyiv), operating in the express delivery segment, opened 49 new depots in August 2018.
According to a company press release, the total number of depots across the country grew to 2,440.
“In August, 49 depots were opened: 13 mini departments accepting parcels weighing up to 15 kg, 23 depots for sending parcels weighing up to 30 kg, and 13 depots unlimited by weight,” the company said.
New branches appeared in Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Kharkiv and other large cities, as well as in smaller towns – in Nadvirna, Bakhmut, Enerhodar, Ichnia, Baturin and others.
In addition, the company has changed the locations of 18 already operating branches to more convenient ones in different cities of Ukraine in order to reduce the load on the branches.
Nova Poshta also continued its partnership with retail supermarket networks.
The Auchan Ukraine network has four pick-up and drop-off points in Kyiv and it is planned to expand into all 23 stores.
Nova Poshta opens new depots in the Leroy Merlin network in Kyiv; the Lotok network has more than 10 pick-up and drop-off points around the city.
According to the company’s report, in January-July 2018, Nova Poshta customers in the e-commerce market sent 19.2 million items, which is almost 27% more than in the same period of 2017.

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