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Nika-Tera sea terminal (Nika-Tera specialized seaport, Mykolaiv), part of Group DF belonging to Dmytro Firtash, in January-February 2019 handled more than one million tonnes of cargo, which is 56.7% more than in the same period of 2018, the press service of the company has reported.
According to the company, as of February 27, 2019, Nika-Tera port had handled more than one million tonnes of cargo, significantly exceeding the dynamics of last year’s transshipment: in January-February 2018 the port’s cargo turnover amounted to 638,000 tonnes, while the figure of the first million was reached only at the end of March.
“Nika-Tera port continues to master new technologies for receiving and transshipment of goods. Thus, in February 2019 the first train of railway platforms with specialized containers for bulk cargo transportation entered the port. In total, a batch consisting of 88 containers with corn was processed on 44 platforms with a total weight of more than 2,000 tonnes,” the press service of the port said.
To implement the new cargo handling scheme, containers were unloaded from railway platforms to container trucks inside the port.

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Nika-Tera maritime terminal (Mykolaiv), part of Group DF of Dmytro Firtash, is increasing its oilseeds storage capacity to 30,000 tonnes, according to a press release of the port. According to the company, the port is continuing work on commissioning the second phase of a transshipment complex for oilseeds.
According to the report, the volume of cargo transshipment at Nika-Tera port since the beginning of the year amounted to 3.7 million tonnes, which is 10% more than in the same period of 2017, while for the nine months of the current year 221 vessels were handled.
“A significant increase in the volume of transshipment was provided by cargo that was not previously processed in the port: oil, granulated meal and bran, as well as new items of bulk freight,” the press service said citing commercial director of the port Valeriy Salnykov.
Nika-Tera is a highly mechanized marine terminal, part of Group DF’s port business.
The terminal includes four specialized complexes: grain, for transshipment of fertilizers, bulk freight, and liquid cargo.

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Nika-Tera marine terminal (Mykolaiv), part of Group DF of Dmytro Firtash, has increased its storage capacity by 1.8 times, to 515,000 tonnes of grain, according to a press release from the port. “To maximize the effective processing of the new harvest maize, the storage capacity was significantly increased, which as a result amounted to 515,000 tonnes. Today, these are the largest port capacities by the volume of one-time storage in the ports of Mykolaiv region and the second largest among the ports of Ukraine,” Nika-Tera Operation Director Ihor Hrydnev said.
Cargo turnover at Nika-Tera terminal as of August 29, 2018 was 3 million tonnes. Since the beginning of the year, 180 vessels have been handled at the port.
In the structure of processed goods for the specified period, the share of grain, leguminous crops and oilseeds was 59%, bulk cargo stood at 36%, and fertilizers at 5%. “Traditionally grain remains the main type of cargo for the port. For the first two months of the new marketing year, 32 vessels with grain were handled at the port, the volume of transshipment was 484,000 tonnes,” the expert said.
Nika-Tera is a highly mechanized sea terminal that is part of the Group DF port business.

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