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Nissan’s dealer network in Ukraine has been replenished with a new center – Autocentre Kherson, it has become the 32nd auto-brand dealer center in the country, the press service of Nissan Motor Ukraine reports. According to it, the service facilities of the auto center are located on an area of 1,100 square meters. They include six lifts, a car wash, a running gear and electrical equipment diagnostic station, a tire fitting station and a spare parts warehouse.According to the state register, Autocentre Kherson LLC was registered in 2011. Its owners are Ihor Samodin (60%) from Kherson region and Oleksandr Diadev (40%) from Mykolaiv.The new Nissan car center is located 5 km from Mykolaiv highway.Autocentre Kherson has dealer auto centers of Mitsubishi and Škoda.Nissan Motor Ukraine is a subsidiary of the Japanese corporation Nissan Motor. It started its activity in April 2005 and performs the function of importer and distributor of Nissan and Infiniti in Ukraine.According to the Ukrautoprom association, 355 Nissan cars were sold in Ukraine in October 2021 (11% less than in October 2020), while the market for new passenger cars fell by 5.6% that month, to 7,965 units.



The registrations of new and used electric vehicles in Ukraine in January-June of this year increased by 16% compared to the same period in 2019, to 3,384 units, the Employers’ Federation of the Automotive Industry of Ukraine has reported.
According to data with reference to the Interior Ministry, in the second quarter of the current year, registrations increased by 10%, to 1,776 units.
The association clarifies that registrations included the initial registration and registration of vehicles brought from abroad by customs or on customs clearance certificates (not included in statistics of re-registration and temporary registration), while the share of primary registrations accounted for 24% (against 29% a year earlier).
Nissan is steadily leading the market, which covers 39% of the market, although the registrations of these cars decreased by a quarter from the first half of 2019, to 1,168 units.
At the same time, Tesla significantly strengthened its presence, occupying 30% of the market and increasing registration rates by 2.5 times, to 909 cars.
The third position in the ranking by a large margin from the leaders is occupied by Chevrolet with a market share of 6% and an increase in registrations of 68%, to 181 units.
The next two brands Volkswagen and Fiat ranked fourth and fifth in the ranking with indicators of 5% each, displacing the position of BMW.
The most popular models in the first half of the year were Nissan Leaf (34%), Tesla Model S and TESLA Model 3 (10% each), and the latter tripled registration to 347 units.
The fourth most popular car was Chevrolet Bolt Ev (5%), the fifth Volkswagen e-Golf (4%).

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