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Vaccination centers were opened in Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa during May 29-30, where local residents can get vaccinated.
According to the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration, 3,467 people were vaccinated at the COVID-19 vaccination center created on the basis of the International Exhibition Center in the capital. In particular, 2,072 people received vaccinations on Sunday.
“Today the number of people wishing to get vaccinated was extremely large. For me, this is an evidence of the awareness and consciousness of people. Such a willingness to be vaccinated gives hope that with the availability of vaccines we will be able to overcome the pandemic in the country and in the world as a whole,” first deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration Mykola Povoroznyk said.
As reported, the residents of Kyiv who registered in the Diia application were vaccinated with the CoronaVac vaccine. Some 16 teams worked at the Vaccination Center. The vaccination team included a registrar, a doctor and a nurse, who underwent special training.
“All conditions have been created here for a safe vaccination process, and an ambulance team is on duty to provide emergency medical assistance, if any,” the message says.
In Lviv, a vaccination center was created on the basis of the Lviv Arena, which will work next weekend.
According to head of the Lviv Regional State Administration Maksym Kozytsky, 1,041 local residents were vaccinated in two days.
“Lviv region is the leader in terms of vaccination rates, today almost 78,000 people were vaccinated and protected themselves from the coronavirus,” Kozytsky wrote on his Facebook page.
He reported that the entrance to the center is free. Also, if additional vaccine is available, the possibility of deploying such centers in other districts of the city will be considered, which will be announced additionally.
Another COVID-19 vaccination center was opened in Odesa on the territory of the stadium of the National University Odesa Law Academy, which will work from 0900 to 1700.

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The final planning conference for the Ukrainian-American exercises Sea Breeze-2021 ended in Odesa on May 13, the public relations service of the Command of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said.
“The purpose of the event was to finalize the plan, the format for attracting the participating states and reconnaissance of the venues,” the Ukrainian Navy said on its Facebook page.
The conference, together with Ukraine, was attended by 16 member states and partners of the North Atlantic Alliance.
“The Sea Breeze is another important step and the most important event aimed at obtaining the capabilities of the Navy to operate completely according to NATO standards. This year we are returning to a full-scale training format, in which all components are involved,” Commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neyizhpapa said.
This year, for the first time, representatives of Senegal and Tunisia took part in the final conference.
In general, it is planned to attract more than 30 ships, 30 aircraft in the naval and air components and more than 1,400 military personnel from various countries in the land component.
The current Sea Breeze exercise brings together a record number of participating countries, namely 27 countries will take part directly with the involvement of units, ships, aircraft and appropriate officers. Taking into account the “observers”, up to 35 countries are planning to take part in the Sea Breeze-2021 exercises.
Last year, due to quarantine restrictions, the Sea Breeze exercises were limited to only the naval phase with the involvement of aviation. All joint activities took place in the Black Sea without personnel contact.
The Sea Breeze exercises have been conducted on the territory of Ukraine since 1997 in accordance with the 1993 Memorandum between the U.S. and Ukrainian Ministries of Defense. The co-organizers of the exercises are Ukraine and the United States.

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Decathlon Ukraine in June will open a store in the Riviera shopping center (Odesa) with an area of about 3,000 square meters, director general of the company Florent Guieu said in an interview with the Interfax-Ukraine agency.
“We are opening in the Riviera shopping and entertainment center in Odesa in June. There are about 3,000 square meters. Today it will be the largest store in the chain in Ukraine,” he said.
According to him, Decathlon Ukraine intends to open stores in all major cities. Locations in Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, as well as two or three sites in the capital are being actively discussed. We are considering premises with an area of 2,000-3,000 square meters in locations with good transport links.
“Our requirements for the capital involve location not far from the metro. At the same time, we are extremely attentive to the quality of the project and the quality of the partner – our values must coincide,” Guieu explained.
According to him, at least two more Decathlon Ukraine stores will be opened next year. “But I will want to open all four. We also have many projects at the concept stage,” he added.

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The State Aviation Service of Ukraine has granted the new Ukrainian airline Bees Airline the rights to operate the Kyiv – Lviv – Kyiv, Kyiv – Odesa – Kyiv and Kyiv – Kherson – Kyiv airlines. Order of the State Aviation Service No. 655 dated April 26, 2021 was published on its website.
According to the document, the frequency of these flights and the duration of the rights are not limited.
As reported, the State Aviation Service of Ukraine issued an operator certificate to Bees Airline on March 12, 2021. Later, the regulator allowed the company to operate flights on 31 routes – 15 regular and 16 charter flights.
Bees Airline made its first charter flight from Kyiv to Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) by order of the tour operator Tez Tour Ukraine on March 18, 2021.
According to the public register of civil aircraft of Ukraine, Bees Airline registered two aircraft in Ukraine – Boeing 737-800 with registration numbers UR-UBA and UR-UBB. Both aircraft are produced in 2010 and belong to San Clemente Leasing LLC (the United States).
According to Bees Airline CEO Yevhen Khainatsky, by the end of 2021 the fleet will be replenished with two more aircraft. Another two are planned to arrive in 2022.
The base airport of Bees Airline is Kyiv International Airport named after Ihor Sikorsky.
According to the data in the register, the beneficial owners of Bees Airline are Serhiy Smirny (90%) and Khainatsky (10%).
Previously, Khainatsky was CEO of another Ukrainian airline – SkyUp Airlines.

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The pharmaceutical company Interchem (Odesa), the double liability company, within the framework of patronage support, has invested UAH 2 million in the project of a unique 3D hologram of the real face of Yaroslav the Wise, which is installed in Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, Director General of Interchem Anatoliy Reder has said.
“We have invested UAH 2 million in this project. There are plans for further cooperation and new projects,” he told Interfax-Ukraine during a presentation on Thursday, March 4.
Reder noted that recent studies in Saint Sophia Cathedral’s nature reserve made it possible to visualize the authentic features of Yaroslav the Wise. Unique Danish equipment was used for visualization.
The project allows to see the face of Yaroslav the Wise, as he could have been at the age of about 45, while the canonical image of the prince, restored from his skull, creates an appearance similar to the appearance of the Russian monarchs. In this guise, Prince Yaroslav is represented at a much older age.
As reported earlier, Interchem was one of the patrons of the project to drain the foundations and walls of Saint Sophia Cathedral and adjacent monastic buildings from excess moisture using the Swiss technology BioDry.
Saint Sophia Cathedral is one of the historical sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The cathedral is the spiritual center, where the unique knowledge base of the Ukrainian people for the last millennium is concentrated. Thanks to the patrons who restored the cathedral in different historical epochs after enemy invasions and natural disasters, its ancient architecture and the world’s most complete ensemble of original mosaics and frescoes of the 11th century have been preserved. It has 260 square meters of mosaics and 3,000 square meters of frescoes.

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Mix Line LLC (Chornomorsk, Odesa region), which organizes cargo transportation, can buy shares of Odesa Airport Development LLC (Kyiv), which will provide the buyer with over 25% of the voting shares on the company’s board.
According to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU), it provided Mix Line LLC with the appropriate permissions on February 4.
The founder of Mix Line LLC is Liudmyla Shinkarenko. She is also the founder of Agro-Aldmish LLC and Phoenix Security Agency LLC.
As reported, in 2011, the disposal of municipal property of Odesa International Airport took place in favor of economic entities. The alienation took place as a result of the creation by Odesa City Council and Odesa Airport Development, the beneficial owners of which at that time were known local Odesa entrepreneurs Borys Kaufman and Oleksandr Hranovsky, of Odesa International Airport LLC, in whose charter capital the property of municipal enterprise Odesa International Airport was transferred. At the same time, the city’s share in the newly created company was only 25%.

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