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DTEK Oil and Gas has completed the drilling of well No. 57 with a depth of 5,270 meters on Machukhske field and received a flow rate of 300,000 cubic meters per day with a significant growth potential.
According to the press service of the company, the well was drilled in conditions of ultra-high reservoir pressures in 136 days, which is 32 days ahead of the planned date.
“During the work, a Bentec-450 t drilling rig equipped with an intelligent top drive system Smart Top Drive was used. The deviated section of the well was built using Schlumberger rotary steerable systems and LWD logging modules,” the company explained.
DTEK Oil and Gas also noted that a new set of research methods proposed by Weatherford was implemented during the work, which made it possible to conduct an additional assessment of the geological structure, confirm the resource potential and plan technologies for further development of the field.
The drilling contractor was Service-Oil LLC.
As reported, DTEK Oil and Gas increased natural gas production in 2019 by 0.7% compared to 2018, to 1.66 billion cubic meters.

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DTEK Oil & Gas LLC, which is responsible for the oil and gas business in the structure of DTEK energy holding, in May 2020 reached a record daily level of natural gas production both for the company and private companies in the amount of 5 million cubic meters (mcm), the company said in a press release.
“In May, DTEK Oil&Gas reached the daily natural gas production level of 5 million cubic meters. This figure was achieved for the first time in the history of the company and the entire private gas production of Ukraine,” the report said.
The daily maximum update was achieved through the implementation of infrastructure projects, a deep drilling program with the commissioning of new high-yield wells at Semirenkivske and Machukhske fields, as well as through measures to stimulate wells in the existing fund, the press release said.
“Despite the unstable economic situation in the country and the difficult conditions in the gas production sector due to record low gas prices, we are working hard to implement a strategy to increase natural gas production,” DTEK Oil & Gas CEO Ihor Schurov said.
As reported, in 2019 the company increased natural gas production by 0.66%, to 1.66 billion cubic meters.
DTEK Oil & Gas is an operating company responsible for the oil and gas sector in the structure of DTEK Group.

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DTEK Oil&Gas B.V. has acquired shares of PrJSC DTEK Kyiv Electromerezhi in an amount of 4.000395% of a charter capital and jointly with the affiliated persons became an owner of a majority stock holding of this enterprise in an amount of 97.936969% of a charter capital or 106.129 million shares.
“The highest share price at which the company or its affiliates acquired shares of the company during the 12 months, preceding the acquisition date of the majority stock holding taking into account the date of acquisition, is UAH 9.31 (at a face value of UAH 0.2),” DTEK Oil&Gas B.V. reported.
According to the new ownership structure, DTEK B.V. owns 72.934662%, Ornex Limited – 20.999605%, DTEK Oil & Gas B.V. – 4,000395% and Oil & Gas Overseas Trading B.V. – 0.002307%.
DTEK Kyiv Electromerezhi is a part of DTEK Networks (established in 2018) that deals with electricity distribution and that includes another six enterprises: DTEK Dnipro Grids, DTEK Donetsk Grids, DTEK Grid Transmission Systems, and DTEK ENE Energovuhillia, Kyivoblenergo and Odesaoblenergo. The company provides services for 5.4 million housing entities and 150,000 enterprises.

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The partnership of Canadian Vermilion Energy Inc. and Ukrgazvydobuvannia in a joint project on development of three oil and gas fields in Ukraine under production sharing agreements (PSA) is now 50/50, according to its second quarter year report.
“Entering Ukraine aligns with our strategy to capitalize on opportunities in under-exploited basins by using modern technologies to improve success rates and recovery,” reads the document.
Vermilion said that subsequent to the end of the second quarter of 2019, it entered into a 50/50 partnership with Ukrgazvydobuvannia and were awarded two exploration licenses in Ukraine, subject to a final production sharing agreement.
“The licenses cover approximately 585,000 gross acres situated in one of Europe’s most prolific natural gas regions (Dniprovsko-Donetsky Basin). The new licenses are in close proximity to several multiTCF gas fields with most of the basin (and awarded license areas) still uncovered by 3D seismic. The terms of the licenses include a modest capital commitment, back-loaded over a five-year time frame,” reads the report posted on the company’s website.
As earlier reported, Canada’s Vermilion Energy jointly with a Ukrainian company (Ukrgazvydobuvannia) has won the right to develop three oil and gas fields in Ukraine.
On July 1, an interdepartmental commission for organizing the conclusion and implementation of the product sharing agreements (PSA) prepared for the government proposals on the winners in nine continental hydrocarbon sectors put up for auctions. Among them are Ukrgazvydobuvannia in alliance with Vermilion for Balakliyske and Ivanivske fields, Ukrgazvydobuvannia for Berestianske and Buzivske, private company Ukrnaftoburinnia for Rusanivske, U.S. Aspect Energy for Varvynske, DTEK for Zinkivske, Geo Alliance for Sofiyivske and Zakhidnadraservis for Uhnivske fields.
The head of the office of the National Investment Council, Yulia Kovaliv, said that now within two months companies must agree on the contracts themselves and sign agreements with the government in order to start exploration as soon as possible and to start work as soon as possible. She also said that the volume of investments of the winning companies is $430 million in the pessimistic scenario.
According to Vermilion report, its quarterly production volumes by approximately 1,300 boe/d and FFO by approximately $11 million, we recorded corporate production of approximately 103,000 boe/d, little changed from the previous quarter.

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DTEK Oil&Gas, responsible for oil and gas segment in the DTEK Group, after signing a product sharing agreement (PSA) for the Zinkivska field (Poltava region) will invest UAH 1.2 billion in its exploration and development, the company’s press service has reported.
DTEK plans to re-process and re-interpret data from previously conducted seismic surveys and gas-dynamic well surveys, 3D surveys, and drill three cat wells in this area. The planned start of production is the second year since the start of work.
As reported, on July 1, the intergovernmental commission on PSA prepared proposals for the winners of nine continental fossil fuel fields put up for competition for the Cabinet of Ministers. The conclusions of the commission are advisory in nature. The final decision is to be made by the government, which must approve the results of the competition by the adoption of relevant documents.

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