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PJSC Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Mill (Lviv region), which is part of Osnova holding, in January-August 2021 increased production by almost 2.1 times compared to the same period in 2020, to UAH 256.3 million.
According to the statistics provided to the Interfax-Ukraine agency by the UkrPapir association, the plant thus maintained the growth rate of this indicator achieved in January-July.
In natural terms, the output of paper for the eight months increased 2.3 times – up to 4,470 tonnes. The production of containerboard (including corrugated paper) increased by 32.3% – to 9,520 tonnes, but production of corrugated containers decreased by 2% – to 9.56 million square meters.
Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Mill was put into operation in 1951.
The capacity of paper production at Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Mill (base paper for corrugation, cardboard liner, and cover paper) is 40,300 tonnes per year, cardboard production – 50,000 tonnes, corrugated board and corrugated packaging – 100 million square meters, and lumpy gaskets – 48 million pieces per year.



The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing a loan of up to EUR 13.8 million in the form of two allocated tranches to PJSC Kokhavynska Paper Mill (Lviv region) to finance the construction of a new production and warehouse building.
According to a report on the EBRD website, the project involves the construction of a plant for the production of paper goods based on cellulose.
“The project assumes the construction of a facility for the production of pulp-based tissue products to meet growing demand for high quality tissue products. It will enable the company to enter the higher quality retail tissue segment, double its tissue production capacity and improve operating efficiency. The CAPEX for capacity expansion comprises tissue and converting machines, the construction of an industrial production and storage workshop,” the bank said on its website.
The total cost of the project is EUR28.5 million.
The shareholders of the plant approved raising a EBRD loan in the amount of up to EUR17 million to finance the construction of a new production facility at a meeting on November 10.
According to the decision, the property of the factory, the market value of which exceeds 50% of the value of the assets (according to the latest financial statements), will be pledged on the loan.



Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Mill (Lviv region), part of Osnova holding, in January-April 2020 produced UAH 61.8 million worth of products, which is 56.5% less than in the same period in 2019.
According to statistics from the UkrPapir association, in January-April 2020, the plant decreased production of corrugated packaging by 15%, to 5.06 million square meters, and reduced production of cardboard and paper for corrugating by some 63%, to 3,600 tonnes. At the same time, paper production fell by 40%, to 1,030 tonnes.
Another enterprise of the holding, Izmail Pulp and Paper Mill (Odesa region), decreased its production 16.7%, to UAH 45.7 million. Package cardboard output fell by 21.8%, to 3,070 tonnes and corrugated box output rose by 3%, to 5.3 million square meters.
Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Mill was put into operation in 1951. Now the mill produces mainly corrugated cardboard and corrugated boxes.



Kyivsky cardboard paper mill (Obukhiv, Kyiv region), a leader in Ukraine’s pulp and paper industry in terms of production and sales, saw a 5.9% rise in production of goods in money terms in January-May 2019 year-over-year, to UAH 2.275 billion, according to the Ukrpapir association.
Corrugated packaging output grew by 0.6%, to 94.06 million square meters, retaining the second highest result among producers of corrugated packaging in Ukraine after Rubizhne cardboard packaging mill in Luhansk region (with Trypilsky packaging plant).
Production of cardboard decreased 6.3%, to 80,070 tonnes. Production of package cardboard alone fell by 0.4%, to 58,650 tonnes, while box cardboard output fell by almost 19.3%, to 21,420 tonnes.
Production of base paper (for sanitary products) stood at almost 33,000 tonnes, which is 4.7% up year-over-year. Toilet paper output rose by 5.2%, to 183 million rolls.
Corrugated packaging output in total in Ukraine (including other producers) fell by almost 5% in January-March 2019, to 234.17 million square meters, that of paper and cardboard decreased by 8.7%, to 213,860 tonnes and toilet paper grew by 3.7%, to 173 million rolls.
Kyivsky cardboard paper mill is one of the largest cardboard and paper producers in Europe. It employs almost 2,200 people. It sells produce to almost 700 companies in Ukraine, some CIS member states and the rest of the world.



Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Mill (Lviv region), which resumed operations in May 2017, made products for UAH 411.86 million in January-November 2018.
According to the UkrPapir association, this month the plant produced 4,280 tonnes of paper and 27,180 tonnes of cardboard (including corrugated paper), as well as 15.85 million square meters of corrugated boxes.
Another enterprise of the holding, Izmail Pulp and Paper Mill (Odesa region), produced goods for UAH 177.88 million in January-November 2018, which was 49% more than a year ago. The mill increased package cardboard output by 31.5%, to 13,370 tonnes and corrugated box output by 25.7%, to 16.59 square meters.
Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Mill, once one of the top three enterprises in the industry and the only manufacturer of newsprint in Ukraine at that time, was put into operation in 1951, in the best 2000s its output reached UAH 500 million. It had been standing idle since September 2014 till May 2017.

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