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Primary registrations of new passenger cars in Ukraine in July this year increased 10% compared to July 2019, to 8,400 cars, the Ukrautoprom association has reported.
At the same time, in comparison with June of this year, the demand for cars grew by 15%, with May – by 40%.
The Renault brand retained its leadership position in July, increasing sales by 20%, to 1,440 cars. Toyota was second with an increase in registrations by 10%, to 1,147 cars, and Skoda was third, as in July 2019, with 457 cars sold (one third less than a year earlier).
Hyundai was at the fourth place (in July 2019 sixth position) with a 6% decrease in registrations, to 442 cars, and KIA was fifth with 429 cars sold (a fall of 28%).
The top 10 of the July market included: Volkswagen with 361 cars (a rise of 7%); Peugeot with 352 cars (a rise of 113% and seventh place compared with the 12th position in July 2019); Suzuki with 351 cars (a rise of 36%); Nissan with 332 cars (a fall of 32%); and Mazda with 279 cars (a rise of 20%).



The initial registration of new passenger cars in Ukraine in June this year increased by 12% from June 2019, to 7,300 units, the Ukrautoprom association reports.
At the same time, compared with May of this year, the demand for passenger cars increased by 21.7%.
Taking into account the June registrations in the first half of the year, the market for new passenger cars slowed down the decline to 4% compared to the same period last year (in January-May the market decreased by 7%), while registrations amounted to 37,100 units.
In June, Renault became the best-selling brand, pushing Toyota, the leader of May 2020 and June 2019, to the second position, its primary registrations grew by 19% from June 2019, to 1,155 units.
Toyota registrations decreased by 4%, to 1,049 units, and Kia retained the third position with an increase of 39%, to 677 units.
The fourth place (compared with the sixth one in June 2019) belongs to Skoda, which has 481 cars and a 29% growth, and Hyundai ranked fifth with 398 vehicles (up by 4%).
The ten most popular brands included Peugeot with 328 cars (30% more), Mercedes-Benz with 286 units (51% more), Suzuki with 277 units (5% more), Nissan with 232 units (44% less), and Mazda with 231 units (24% more).The best-selling car of June was KIA Sportage with 584 cars bought.

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Primary registrations of new passenger cars in Ukraine in February grew by 21% compared to February 2019, to almost 7,000 units, which is slightly less than in January 2019 (7,100 units), the Ukrautoprom association has reported. According to the data on the website, Renault became the leader of registrations, as in February of 2019, surpassing Toyota, the leader in January 2020, with an increase in sales by almost 68% compared to February of 2019, to 1,223 units. In turn, Toyota increased the sale of cars by 52%, to 1,089 units.
In January 2020, the third position from the fifth took KIA, which in February of 2019 also occupied the third line of the rating. However, the registration of KIA fell by 20%, to 479 units in February.
Skoda takes the fourth place with 368 cars (4% more compared with February 2019), while Nissan closes the top five with 9% down in primary registrations, to 361 cars.
The compact crossover Toyota RAV4 again became the month bestseller, as 482 customers chose this model in February.
As reported, with reference to the data of Ukrautoprom, in 2018 new passenger car market could not exceed 2017, as primary registrations decreased by 0.6%, to 81,800 units.
However, in January 2020, according to Ukrautoprom, the market showed a 35% increase compared to January 2019, to 7,100 units. At the same time, 28,300 units of used imported cars were registered.
Market experts suggest that in 2020 the new passenger car market will be able to reach or exceed the mark of 100,000 cars sold.


Sales of new passenger cars in January 2020 increased by a third compared to the first month of 2019, to 7,000 units, according to AUTO-Consulting. “January 2020 turned out to be very successful for car dealers. Almost all major automotive brands had two-digit growth, which gives reason to expect a very successful year,” the group said on its website.
Analysts of the group note the strengthening of the competition among brands in January 2020. Toyota was first, ahead of last year’s leader Renault, and its sales increased 81%, to 1,149 units.
Renault sales in January grew by 29%, to 1,045 units, which is slightly below the market, but allowed to stay in the lead and go beyond the 1,000 cars sold.
“Nissan has actively claimed its intention to become a leader. The Japanese brand increased sales in January by 25%, which allowed it to be third for the second month in a row,” the group said.
Skoda sales grew by 27%, to 437 units. This allowed the Czech brand dealers to bypass Kia, which closes the top five with a 9.7% increase in sales, to 430 units.
According to the analysts, Peugeot became the record holder for growth in the top 10 in January, having tripled sales, which allowed it to move to the eighth position from the 14th in January 2019 and occupy 4.6% of the market. Mitsubishi, which returned to the top 10, also noticeably increased its sales in January.
The first month of the year was also successful for Mercedes-Benz, which regained its status as a leader among premium brands: it increased sales by 53%, to 224 units.
According to AUTO-Consulting, the beginning of the year was also successful for Chinese brands: Chery increased sales by 66%, to 169 units, and the Haval brand grew seven-fold.



JSC Ukrzaliznytsia (Kyiv) is considering the possibility of repairing 300-500 passenger cars in 2020 if the developed model of repairs is supported by the government, the company’s press service has reported, with reference to company head Yevhen Kravtsov.
“Ukrzaliznytsia has invented a model according to which in 2020 overhauls of up to 500 passenger cars could be carried out … According to experts, under the formula one car can be updated for UAH 1 million. For comparison: a completely new wagon costs UAH 25 million today, overhauls cost UAH 11-12 million,” the company said.
According to Kravtsov, the company receives most complaints about the quality of passenger cars because of old windows, worn toilets and heating systems.
“We found a model of how to make overhauls on these items with minimal resources. This is replacing windows with new double-glazed windows, replacing toilets and heating,” Kravtsov said.
He said that the possibility of repairing 300-500 cars is foreseen for 2020.
“If we can maintain such a pace, then in about three years we will forget about the problem of cars in the economy segment. I hope this initiative is supported at the government level, and we can start this program,” the head of Ukrzaliznytsia said.
As reported, Ukrzaliznytsia expects profit at the level of UAH 2.5-3 billion over 2019.
In 2018, Ukrzaliznytsia saw net profit rise by 78% compared to 2017, to UAH 203.9 million



The initial registration of new cars in Ukraine in 2019 increased by 8% compared to 2018, to almost 88,500 units, Ukrautoprom reports.
According to a press release on the association’s website, the market rose, despite the pressure exerted by the sharply increased imports of used cars and the legalization of cars with European registration.
As reported, with reference to data from Ukrautoprom, in 2018 the market of new passenger cars did not exceed the indicator of 2017, amounting to 81,800 units.
The leader in 2019 was the Renault brand with the registration of 14,603 cars (in 2018 it ranked second after Toyota with 8,722 cars), followed by Toyota with 12,570 registered cars (in 2018 it ranked first with 10,082 cars). KIA ranks third with 7,586 vehicles.
The top ten rating of 2019 also included Skoda with 6,231 cars, Nissan with 5,333 cars, Hyundai with 5,099 vehicles, Volkswagen with 4,675 cars, Suzuki with 2,614 cars, Mazda with 2,483 cars, and Peugeot with 2,366 cars.