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Biopharma, a blood products maker, intends by the end of 2018 to open two plasma centers in Kharkiv and one in Dnipro, it is also planned to build a center in Cherkasy, President of Biopharma Kostiantyn Yefymenko has told Interfax-Ukraine. “Now we are engaged in the construction of two plasma centers in Kharkiv. We have already rented premises with an area of 700 square meters and plan to rent another facility with an area of 1,500 square meters. We are also planning to build one more center in Dnipro, where we have already rented premises (733 sq m) and Cherkasy. In time, we will build in other regional centers,” he said.
Yefymenko said that at present conceptual projects, construction projects have been approved for plasma centers in Kharkiv and the Dnipro, permissions have been obtained and dismantling work commenced.
“We plan to launch our first center in Kharkiv in autumn, in Dnipro in December,” he noted.
Biopharma, which currently collects about 4 tonnes of blood plasma per month, expects that the opening of new plasma centers in the first quarter of 2019 will increase the amount of plasma collection to 20 tonnes a month. Biopharma is one of the ten largest Ukrainian producers of medicines. It produces more than 20 immunobiological preparations from donor blood, preparations obtained by recombinant DNA technology and probiotics.

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