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Ukraine’s parliament has adopted draft law No. 1071 on amending certain laws of Ukraine involving the development of activities in space and attracting investments to Ukraine’s space sector. The bill will allow private companies to engage in activities in space, including launching rockets into space. Some 308 members of parliament supported the adoption of the bill in its second reading and as a whole, including its technical and legal amendments, at a plenary session on Friday.
According to the explanatory note to the bill, the text of which was published on parliament’s website, the bill will ensure the creation of a competitive environment for the development of private property enterprises along with the public sector of the space industry, and will also help attract investment in Ukraine’s space industry.
According to the text of the document, the basic principles of space activities in Ukraine are: state support for the commercialization of space activities and attracting investments in Ukraine’s space industry, opening outer space for citizens and legal entities and the ability to freely explore and use outer space, including the use of outer space and the resources contained therein, with restrictions only when necessary to ensure compliance with national security interests.
The importance of promoting international cooperation, maintaining and developing existing international relations in the space industry, taking into account national interests, is also emphasized in the bill.
Under the new law, companies will not be required to apply for licenses to work in the space sector.
Currently, only state-owned companies can carry out activities related to testing, production and operation of space launch vehicles in Ukraine.

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