Business news from Ukraine


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has invited Ukrainians to speak out on the day of local elections on October 25 whether they support the reduction of the number of members of the Verkhovna Rada from 450 to 300 MPs, the legalization of medical cannabis and raising of the issue of using the security guarantees defined by the Budapest Memorandum at the international level.
“Here are three final questions from the survey. Should the number of parliament members in the Verkhovna Rada be reduced to 300? Do you support the legalization of medical cannabis in Ukraine to reduce pain for seriously ill patients? Should Ukraine raise the issue of using the security guarantees defined by the Budapest memorandum at the international level?” Zelensky wrote on his Facebook page on Friday.
At the same time, he turned to subscribers who support the survey on these items: “Then come to the polls on October 25 and let us know your opinion!” “And in the comments (…) you can suggest questions for the next polls. After all, their outcomes depend on you!” added the head of state.
As reported, on October 13, Zelensky announced a nationwide poll in the country during local elections on October 25, in which citizens will be asked to answer five questions. Talking about what questions will be proposed, he said: “More on that later.”
On October 14, Zelensky invited Ukrainians, as the first question for a nationwide poll, to express their opinion on whether it is necessary to introduce life sentences in the country for corruption on an especially large scale.
On October 15, he made public the second question for the citizens of Ukraine: to express the opinion whether they support the creation of a free economic zone in Donbas.