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Olha Stefanyshyna, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, has opened the first regional office of European Integration in Ukraine in Kherson.
“Today, the ‘decentralization’ of European integration begins from Kherson, which should spread to all regions of Ukraine. The network of regional offices will help create effective platforms for dialogue and cooperation of foreign partners, civil society and local authorities, so that the benefits of European integration are tangible and noticeable in every area, every city and town,” the press service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine quoted Stefanyshyna as saying.
The key activities of the regional office of European integration are the following: cultural and educational projects, in particular the dissemination of knowledge about the European course of Ukraine among schoolchildren and students; increasing business contacts between entrepreneurs of Kherson region and EU member states; implementation of the Association Agreement; achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular gender equality.
“The European Integration Office in Kherson is the first of the European integration units, which is close to the Crimean peninsula. It is very important that everyone who comes to Kherson region across the administrative border with Crimea can take advantage of European integration, receive advice and practical information about the course of Ukraine in the EU and its advantages and opportunities,” noted Stefanyshyna.
The Deputy Prime Minister also stressed the importance of forming a wide network of regional offices of European integration in Ukraine.
“Kherson region is the first among the regions where offices for European integration will operate, but we already observe interest from other regions of Ukraine. Khmelnytsky, Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava regions are in touch with us today to learn from the successful experience of opening regional offices and extend this example to their regions,” she said.

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