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NPC Ukrenergo proposes to increase the tariff for electricity transmission by almost 2.7 times, to UAH 640.48/MWh starting from November 1 of this year and to set green metallurgy tariff at UAH 108.83/MWh (set as of August 1 the tariff for transmission was UAH 240.23/MWh, excluding VAT).
The draft changes to the tariff for public discussion have been published on the Ukrenergo website. Hearings on the draft amendments are scheduled for September 25.
According to the hearing procedure, their minutes will be submitted to the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NEURC).
According to the explanatory note for the bill, the need to revise tariffs arose as Ukrenergo projected deficit on the Public Service Obligation (PSO) amounting to UAH 9.951 billion due to feed-in tariffs compensation, increased payments for Chornobyl nuclear power plant services by court decision (from UAH 13.381 million to UAH 18.244 million per annum), and also taking into account the general deficit of funds budgeted in 2020 tariff for the payment of public commitments to the budget in the amount of UAH 586 million. With regard to the latter, in particular, it is noted that in the first half of 2020 Ukrenergo fulfilled its obligations to the state budget for paying dividends in full in the amount of UAH 559 million at the tariff of UAH 79 million, paid income tax of UAH 664 million at the tariff of UAH 557 million.
“It is proposed to include the total amount of deficit (UAH 10.546 billion) in the tariff for electricity transmission services starting from November 1,” says explanatory note.
It is also noted that tariff calculation takes into account the expected volume of transmission (consumption), electricity exports in November-December 2020 in the amount of 25.288 million MWh.

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