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Nova Poshta Global, a part of the Nova Poshta Group, has started delivering parcels from China’s AliExpress trading platform to Ukraine by trucks. The press service of the company said on Tuesday that last week a truck with parcels from AliExpress departed from the Chinese city of Urumchi and overcame the distance of around 6,000 kilometers before reaching the sorting center in Kyiv on May 12.
The truck delivered 7,467 parcels from AliExpress for Nova Poshta clients.
“The pilot shipment showed that it is possible to meet the planned time of delivery by truck. In general, the journey from Urumchi to Warsaw took six days and the two more days to Kyiv. The transit and customs did not take a long time. We continue introducing the multimodal delivery services and testing new means of transport and routes in order to make delivery time as short as possible for our customers,” the press service quoted Nova Poshta Global CEO Yuriy Benevytsky as saying.
Now the company can deliver parcels from AliExpress by air, railway and motor vehicles.
As reported, Nova Poshta Global noted a 28% increase in Ukrainians’ orders from AliExpress compared to April last year.
Nova Poshta Global (formerly Nova Poshta International) has been providing international express delivery services since 2015, and is part of the Nova Poshta group of companies. Nova Poshta Global is developing the NP Shopping service – the delivery from online stores in the United States, China, Britain and Poland, provides import and export services for businesses and the ability to ship from any Nova Poshta branch to most countries of the world.

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The State Automobile Roads Agency of Ukraine, also known as Ukravtodor, plans to introduce the toll system for large trucks for using Ukrainian roads.
“It was my initiative to implement intelligent transport systems in Ukraine. In addition to Weight-in-Motion (WiM), this includes recording speeding and traffic analysis systems using cameras. The fourth part of the global intellectual transport system of Ukraine is tolling, that is, collecting payments from heavy vehicles for traveling on Ukrainian roads,” acting Head of Ukravtodor Slawomir Nowak said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.
He believes that the introduction of the toll will be a serious legislative change for Ukraine, which will significantly improve the condition of roads in the country.
“We need to pass a law that will regulate this toll. We urgently need to introduce an additional source for the Road Fund. There is a European principle: trucks, especially those that earn on transportation, must pay more for traveling on roads,” the acting head of the agency said.
According to Nowak, the volumes of road destruction due to overloaded transport are huge.
“The problem with overloaded tracks in Ukraine is very, very big,” he said.

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Risoil S.A. Group of Companies has opened ‘Bond’ crowding pen for the motor vehicles that can afford 70 trucks at Risoil Terminal grain terminal in Chornomorsk port (Odesa region).
As the company said on Facebook, this is the second crowding pen for the vehicles due to which Risoil Terminal will accept up to 100 motor vehicles.
“The main function of the facility is the accumulation and dispatching control of the movement of the cargo vehicles following unloading at the Risoil Terminal,” Risoil said.
Besides, along with the opening of the pen, the terminal launches a system of automatic control and a system of motor recording based on Jit+ program.
“This mobile application is purposed for the truck drivers. Only tested elevators and vehicles can use the platform. Using the application, documents are processed quickly, and the cargo is delivered in time. Thanks to Jit +, you can also monitor the location of all machines,” reads the report.
Risoil S.A. was founded in 2000 in Geneva, Switzerland. The company’s structure allows it to utilize its resources to be stable and efficient, to develop actively, to be in touch with the world’s markets, and to adapt to their rapid changes. Over the years of development, the company has established offices and manufacturing facilities in Ukraine, and a number of countries in the European Union.

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The Epicenter K Group, developing the agricultural business, plans to invest around EUR 5 million in purchase of 100 grain trucks.
According to the press service of the company, Epicenter will purchase the first 10 grain trucks by the end of February. The approximate cost of one truck is EUR 45,000.
“We are thinking about the alternative to the railway. This season we are exporting grain by grain trucks from the Hnivan and Nemyriv silos (Vinnytsia region). The difference in corn trucking from Nemyriv to the port compared to the railway is $ 2 per tonne, and this is a good bargaining price for corn. In addition, it gives us efficiency in work and ensures the implementation of contracts,” Deputy Head for Agriculture of the Silo Division of the Epicenter K Svitlana Nykytiuk said.
At the same time, according to her, the company plans to complete the construction of railway lines to silos in Vapniarka and Vendychany (Vinnnytsia region).
“At other facilities, there is a railway connection, except for our silo in Kyiv region. The automobile logistics is more interesting there than the railway one,” Nykytiuk said.
The company plans to increase the silo storage capacity to 750,000 or 1 million tonnes. In particular, in 2018, the company began the reconstruction of the Vinnnytsia and Zakupne silos and the construction of two new silo complexes in Vinnnytsia region with a total capacity of 500,000 tonnes. Investments amounted to UAH 800 million, and the launch is scheduled for July 2019.
In addition, Epicenter will increase the capacity of the Hnivan grain collecting station (by 60,000 tonnes), the Nemyriv silo (by 28,000 tonnes) and the Pererobnyk silo in Kyiv region (by 105,000 tonnes). In addition, Epicenter will build a second phase of a silo at Vapniarka.

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ZAMMLER POLSKA Sp.z o.o. (Poland), part of Ukraine’s ZAMMLER Group, providing transport and warehouse logistics services, plans to expand its own fleet of trucks by 100 Volvo trucks by the end of 2019, ZAMMLER Group Director Viktor Shevchenko has said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.
“We have analyzed the prospects of development on the Polish logistic market and came to the conclusion that we need to focus on transportation by road… Thanks to the fact that we have received access to cheap Polish loans, in summer we will expand our own fleet by 38 Volvo trucks, and by the end of next year we plan to have over 100 new trucks. We buy them in Poland. The cost of one truck is EUR 120,000,” Shevchenko said.
He said that after expanding the fleet the logistic operator would consider a possibility of expanding warehouses in Poland.
“After entering the Polish market we acquired seven trucks and leased 3,000 square meters of warehouse space near Warsaw to service our Ukrainian clients (their share in the warehouse is 90%). This should be a platform for training for us and our clients, who also plan to enter the European market. We offer lower price to these clients if they need it, provide them with consultations of our lawyers. We see prospects in long cooperation and hope to develop together with them on the European market,” Shevchenko said.
The ZAMMLER Group incorporates Zammler Ukraine (Kyiv), Zammler Warehouse LLC (Martusivka, Kyiv region), Zammler Fulfilment LLC (Krasylivka, Kyiv region), MLS LLC (Kharkiv), Ningbo Zammler Trading Co LTD (China) and ZAMMLER POLSKA Sp.z o.o. (Poland).
The group provides services in the sphere of transportation by road, by rail, by sea and by air, customs clearance services and a full range of warehouse services.