Business news from Ukraine


6 May , 2022  

Software company TeamViewer has announced the complete cessation of its operations in Russia and Ukraine due to the Russian special operation in Ukraine.
“We have decided to completely phase out any remaining business activity in Russia and Belarus,” the company said in statement on its website.
“On top of compliance with all international sanctions and immediately having stopped new business, we also do not prolong any contracts with customers from Russia or Belarus,” the company said.
Existing subscriptions outside the scope of sanctions which are not affiliated with an unrightful usage of our products will be honored until contract-end but will not be renewed afterwards.
“Moreover, TeamViewer has blocked all unlicensed connections to and from Russia and Belarus to avoid any further usage of our software,” the company said.
TeamViewer (headquartered in Göppingen, southern Germany) is a manufacturer of software for remote access, remote management and remote maintenance of computers and other end devices.

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