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3 October , 2019  

UDP Renewables has launched the Port Solar solar power plant with a capacity of 8.6 MW in Izmail, Odesa region.
According to the press service of the company, more than 25,700 solar panels manufactured by Jinko Solar (the largest global manufacturer of solar panels) are installed on an area of 16 hectares. It is expected that the plant will generate about 11,800 MWh of electricity annually.
The co-investor in the facility is Slovakia’s E-Group, the general contractor is the Metropolia Group of Companies (Kyiv).
“Involving the experience of our partners, UFuture and UDP Renewables are working to ensure that energy production in Ukraine complies with the best global environmental safety and energy efficiency practices. Our goal is more than 300 MW by 2022. Now we are following the plan, gradually implementing projects in the regions with the highest solar activity – Odesa, Zaporizhia, Kherson and Mykolaiv regions,” the press service said, citing the founder of the UFuture investment group Vasyl Khmelnytsky.
The company also reported that Ukrainian-built equipment worth over UAH 44.5 million was used in the construction of this plant. The total amount of attracted investments amounted to EUR 6.75 million.
UDP Renewables is an investment and development company in the field of renewable energy. It is part of the UFuture investment group, which belongs to Khmelnytsky.
E-Group is part of the INDUSTRY investments sub-fund that invests in energy. It belongs to the portfolio of the qualified investors fund ZMJ SICAV.

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