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16 November , 2021  

 The Verkhovna Rada at its meeting on Tuesday, with 302 votes, supported bill No.3504 on mediation at second reading. The bill defines the legal framework and procedure for mediation in Ukraine. In particular, the mediation procedure will be applied in any conflicts (disputes) arising in civil, family, labor, economic, administrative legal relations, as well as in criminal proceedings when drawing up agreements on reconciliation between the victim and the suspect, the accused, and other areas of public relations.According to the explanatory note to the document, individuals and legal entities can apply to a mediator for mediation both before going to court, the Arbitration Court, International Commercial Arbitration, and during judicial, arbitration or arbitration proceedings or during the execution of the decision of the listed courts.Mediation will be carried out by mutual agreement of the parties to the mediation in accordance with the principles of voluntariness, confidentiality, independence and neutrality, impartiality of the mediator.The status of a mediator can be obtained by any individual who has a higher education and has completed basic training in the are of mediation in Ukraine or abroad.

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