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22 April , 2021  

The State Service on Food Safety and Consumer Protection has agreed with Libyan experts on the form of an export veterinary certificate for the supply of milk and dairy products, the State Food Service said in a press release.
“Less than two weeks ago, a very productive meeting with the Charge d’Affaires of Libya in Ukraine, Adel Benissa, took place at the State Food and Consumer Protection Service, and today we have very good news for Ukrainian dairy producers about the opening of the export market,” head of the agency Vladyslava Mahaletska said.
She clarified that the possibility of exporting sunflower oil, grain, fruit and berry products from Ukraine to Libya is being considered. The forms of international veterinary certificates for the export of cattle, poultry and products from it have already been agreed.
As reported, Ukraine in April agreed with Argentina the form of an export veterinary certificate for the supply of milk and dairy products to this country.
Ukrainian agricultural products in 2020 gained access to the markets of 12 countries. Some 35 export certificates have been agreed, two EU audits have been passed concerning state control over the production of fish, poultry and products made of them.
According to the State Consumer Service, in 2021, work continues to expand exports in various commodity items, including poultry, livestock, beef and pork, milk and dairy products, honey, apples, blueberries and cherries, legumes, onions, wheat flour, fish and fish products, reproductive material.

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