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23 November , 2020  

The Cabinet of Ministers has identified as a priority a project for production of ventilators, two waste incinerators and an air launch space rocket complex, a total of 103 priority investment projects in the approved list until 2023.

As the correspondent of the Interfax-Ukraine agency reports, the government approved the relevant order with a three-day revision at a meeting on Wednesday, November 18.

According to the draft decree, four out of 103 projects provide for financing entirely from the state budget, and another 43 projects partially from the state and/or local budget.
As indicated in the document, among the priority investment projects are the organization of the production of ventilators at the expense of the investor, the state budget and other sources, as well as the construction of a plant for solid household waste processing (ensuring environmental safety in Kyiv) at the expense of an investor.
In addition, among the priority projects is the construction of a waste sorting line in Drohobych (Lviv region) at the expense of the state budget and the local budget.
Among the investment projects that are planned to be implemented at the expense of the state budget and international technical assistance are the modernization of the An-124-100 and An-225 aircraft families at Antonov State Enterprise, an air launch rocket and space complex, the Observatory International Scientific Center on the Pip Ivan mountain – a platform for the development of the Carpathian region.
In addition, it is planned to implement a project to prepare the production of an infrared homing head for guided air missiles, as well as to expand the Yahodyn international checkpoint – exclusively at the expense of the state budget.
Also, at the expense of the investor, local budgets and the state budget, it is planned to implement the construction of waste incinerators in Kramatorsk and Mariupol, the construction of the tourist and transport infrastructure of the Shatsk National Natural Park (plus international technical assistance funds), and to build the H2O Nova Kakhovka Olympic Sports Center.

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