Business news from Ukraine


12 August , 2021  

Mining enterprises of Ukraine in January-July this year reduced exports of iron ore in kind by 3.5% compared to the same period last year, to 26.08 million tonnes.
According to statistics released by the State Customs Service on Wednesday, during the specified period, foreign exchange earnings from iron ore exports increased 2.15-fold, to $4.695 billion.
Iron ore was exported mainly to China (45.8% of supplies in monetary terms), the Czech Republic (9.47%) and Austria (8.09%).
In January-July 2021, iron ore was imported to Ukraine for $130,000 in a total volume of 1,134 tonnes, while in January-July 2020, 84 tonnes iron ore for $42,000 was imported.
In January-July 2021, iron ore was imported from Egypt (79.23%), Poland (10%) and Russia (3.85%).