Business news from Ukraine


22 November , 2020  

As of November 19, Ukrainian agricultural producers harvested 78.5 million tonnes of basic crops from an area of 23.4 million hectares, in particular, 60.3 million tonnes of grain and leguminous crops were harvested from an area of about 14.6 million hectares (95% forecast).
According to a report on the website of the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture, 24.5 million tonnes of corn was harvested from an area of 4.7 million hectares (86%), 13 million tonnes of sunflower from 6.4 million hectares (100%), 2.7 million tonnes of soybeans from 1.3 million hectares (97%), 243,700 tonnes of millet from 150,300 hectares (100%) and 105,600 tonnes of buckwheat from 78,400 hectares (100%).
Some 8.1 million tonnes of sugar beet was dug from an area of 190,700 hectares (88%).
As reported, the Economy Ministry predicted the grain harvest in 2020 at 68 million tonnes. Of the early grains, the following have already been threshed: 25.1 million tonnes of wheat from an area of 6.6 million hectares; 7.8 million tonnes of barley from 2.4 million hectares; 516,200 tonnes of peas from 238,000 hectares; 2.56 million tonnes of rapeseed from 1.1 million hectares.